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Life can be tough out there sometimes. But you’ve got to learn to deal with it. It’s part of being an adult.

Someone who could probably stand to still learn that lesson is this woman in Waco who called the police because she didn’t get her chicken nuggets fast enough. Yeesh. If you can’t handle that kind of stress in your life, you’ve got way bigger issues that figuring out how to spend your Tuesday night in and around down.

If that kind of life hurdle is no big deal for you, then carry on and check out our following suggestions. And only maybe call the police if the fast food employee forgets to toss the barbecue sauce you asked for into your bag at the drive-thru, OK?

KXT Sun Sets presents Beth Ditto & Henry the Archer at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens
KXT 91.7’s fourth installment of this year’s Sun Sets concert series goes indie with former Gossip frontwoman Beth Ditto and up-and-coming Fort Worth act Henry the Archer.

Mystic Braves at Club Dada
If your parents’ tales of attending Woodstock has you feeling envious, seeing this Los Angeles-based act as it hits Dada might help you fill that void in your psych-loving heart. The headliners’ fellow Angelenos in The Creation Factory open, along with Dallas’ own Acid Carousel.

Two-Steppin’ Tuesdays at Double Wide
Get down with all your favorite trailer park classics as the Double Wide as they break out their first edition of Two-Steppin’ Tuesdays of this summer.

Free Throw at the Prophet Bar
Your week off to a rough start? This emo band playing at the Prophet Bar tonight totally feels your pain, even if it’s just a phase.

Torch Song Trilogy at the Magnolia
The Big Movie series at the Magnolia Theatre continues with Torch Song Trilogy, the 1982 film starring Tony Award-winning actor and playwright Harvey Fierstein that acts as a compilation of three of own plays.

An Evening with Omar Gooding: Surviving 25 Years in Hollywood at The Hall of State
The actor known for his work on Wild & Crazy Kids, Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper, Smart Guy and Playmakers reflects on 25 years as a working actor in Hollywood.

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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