Use Your Noodle.

Over the weekend, Nokia announced it was bringing back its obsolete 3310 model dumbphones now in new colors. You won’t be able to download any apps but, hey, it’s got Snake!

And while its battery will last like a month on a single charge, and it’s only going to cost something like $50, it’s still not worth it. I mean, you can talk on it, sure, but you can’t even look up what things there are to do on any given night. — Cory Graves

Valerie June at Granada Theatre
The genre-spanning folk pop multi-instrumentalist brings her otherworldly new tunes to the Granada stage before they’re officially released next month. Oh Pep! opens. — CG

Suicidal Tendencies at Gas Monkey Live
Sure, the only original member still in the band is vocalist Mike Muir, but Muir deserves some credit: It’s been 30 years since the band released its eponymous 28-minute debut in 1983. Besides, you owe it to yourself to check out a band that’s so punk rock that they’ve been rumored to have been approached and interrogated by the FBI. — Pete Freedman

Uncommon Ramen with Aaron Franklin at Top Knot
The man whose famed brisket Austinites gladly wait five hours in line for is in town tonight making noodles. Quantities limited, first-come, first-served. — CG

Boys, Boots and Boxers at Round-Up Saloon
Watch the boys in their briefs, or strip down and be one yourself. There could be some prize money in it for you. — CG

Moose Blood at Gas Monkey Bar N’ Grill
The British band that’s supposedly making emo cool again. One of their big singles is about Bukowski – the writer, not the bullshit tagger. — CG

The Wild Detectives Book Club: Moonglow (Free)
It doesn’t really matter if you’ve finished, or even started, Michael Chabon’s fictional memoir yet, you can pick up a discounted copy at this book club meeting – as well as some cheap drinks. — CG

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