Dance In The Smoke With Actress At Club Dada, Get Spooked With Lore Podcast At Texas Theatre And Be Dynamite With Meach Pango At Main At South Side.

So Jay Z has finally admitted to cheating on the most amazing woman on the planet, Beyoncé.
A subject we’re still bitter about, but we can’t complain all that much since we got Lemonade and 4:44 out of that mess.

Seriously, the rapper admitted that and many other things. The whole interview is hella interesting. He talked life, marriage, being in therapy and all sorts of other issues. It’s definitely worth reading the whole thing.

But the fans who sided with Jay-Z throughout the debacle, congratulations, you played yourself. There’s that and the fact that “the greatest rapper alive” couldn’t even sell out the American Airlines Center when he was in town a couple of weeks ago, as we noted

If you also need to mend your broken fan girl heart after reading the numerous articles written over the subject, then check out our events below guaranteed to soothe your soul.

Actress at Club Dada
British electronic musician who turned to music after an unexpected injury cut his football career short. He acquired turned tables and taught himself how to DJ and began to pursue music as a career. His latest project, AZD is the artist’s’ sixth studio album as well as an exploration of language and Afrofuturism. 

Unbranded Pop-Up Shopping Grand Opening

Check out the grand opening of Unbranded at 1508 Commerce St. where a variety of vendors. This week’s pop up shop features ModMelrose for AAVintedge, Vendals V. C LLC, Postcode Apparel, Neobantu, Tight Rope Studio, GypsyHouse Boutique, Homegrown Hounds, Noshii, Allettare and Maya X Kiwi. Be sure to check out this shop where there will be much more to do like lounging around me checking out some live tunes or phootboothing it up. You’re sure to find fun and gifts just in time for the holidays. — Obed Manuel

FKJ at Trees
French Kiwi Juice or FKJ for short, is a French multi-instrumentalist working the electronic scene. The self-taught musician and cinema sound engineer dropped his debut album dropped earlier this year, so don’t be surprised when he hits the stage with some extra pizzazz. 

Black Smurf, Positive Satan at The Dirty 30
The NoFlexTour is bringing us some impressive talent to Dirty Dirty Dallas. The night will feature Black Smurf, Positive Satan, Donny Steez, and Lil Texxan, to name a few. You should probably prepare to flex on ’em tonight. 

Lore Podcast at Texas Theatre
Lore, a podcast which explores the darker side of moments in history. Come by and experience Aaron Mahnke along with musical guest Chad Lawson talk about scary stories based on true events. These are indeed the kind of stories that will make you shiver.

Meach Pango, I Happy Am at Main at South Side
The new wave, alternative rock band from Saginaw, Texas is bringing a new spin to a classic genre. It’s latest album, Fresh Fruit, is just as it sounds — cool and refreshing. As for I Happy Am and Washed Up Rookie also perform. The two openers share good vibes, so don’t sleep on this show.

Bethlehem Steel at Armoury D.E.
The Brooklyn outfit released it’s latest project, Party Naked Forever, earlier this month. In 2016, the band was named one of 14 impressive bands to perform at SXSW. Suffice it to say that it’s been a busy couple of years for the band, and its sound is surely refined to the point now that its live performances are definitely worth your time.

The Well Community Recovery 5th Annual Concert at Kessler Theater
Presenting its fifth annual benefit concert, the Well Community’s showcase will feature talented artists such as Floramay Holliday and Over the River and The Rosemont Kings. A silent auction will take place in addition to the presentation of inaugural Founder’s Awards to Joe Pulis and Sheriff Lupe Valdez.

The Big Burlesque and Drag Student Showcase at The Nines
Celebrate the art of the tease is the Dallas School of Burlesque and Drag. Expect a fun night of talented burlesque artists covered in glitter and rhinestones.

Leroy Shakespeare, Mega Roots at Deep Ellum Art Company
Thursday Night Reggae will feature the talented Leroy Shakespeare from Kingston, Jamaica, who is now based in both Dallas and Los Angeles. Shakespeare is in the business of keeping the genre fresh, so you know tonight is going to be cool. 

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

  Cover image via Meach Pango Facebook Page.

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