Hold Serve.

Over the weekend, all of Dallas’ tornado sirens were hacked, keeping large numbers of residents to lose sleep, in addition to lots of other chaos. It was all Facebook could talk about Saturday morning.

But not everybody got to be a part of the mass hysteria/online freakout. Some of us heavy sleepers had to hear about it from the rest of the world the following day. Others of us relied on free internet sound effects to try and recreate the scene later. It didn’t work.

Point is, it sucks when everybody else experiences something and you miss out. We didn’t want it to happen to you again, so we put together a little list featuring some of the things people will be talking about tomorrow morning. — Cory Graves

Tennis at Trees
After graduating college, the husband/wife indie-pop duo Tennis spent seven months in a boat sailing up and down the Eastern Seaboard. The band’s first release after settling back down was a breezy beach-pop full-length that capitalized heavily on the lo-fi elements that help them sound both retro and extremely current all at once, a wave they’ve continued to ride to a fair amount of indie success in the last few years. — CG

Acid Mothers Temple at Three Links
Acid Mothers Temple is a Japanese psychedelic rock band that’s been putting out new, weird music consistently for the past 20 years. The songs are long and musically very dense. Despite the appropriate band name, you don’t need acid to see the complexity in the band’s music, but it couldn’t hurt. — Paul Wedding

Creative Conversation at Dallas City Performance Hall
A panel on art and architecture, specifically where the two areas intersect. — CG

Fourth Anniversary Bash at Cane Rosso (White Rock)
Cane Rosso is celebrating its anniversary with $1 pies. The side of ranch will still set you back a grand, though. — CG

Dallas: Bar Institute Econo at Industry Alley
Spend industry night at the industry bar honing your industry skills. Four classes will be held throughout the day, each designed to sharpen a different aspect of your bartending game. Then a pop-up with some of the city’s best bartenders closes out the night. — CG

Crawfish Boil at The Republic Street Bar (Free)
One of many mudbug boils on the social calendar this week, this is the only one that’s free. Donations would be greatly appreciated, however. — CG

To find out what else is going on today, this week and beyond, check out our event directory.

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