Talking Se7en and How Looking At ’90s Classics With 2016 Eyes Can Distort The Crap Out Of Them.

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This week, my The Ticket co-worker Trey Mitchell joins me once again as my guest host, bringing with him his always strong knack for picking out movies worthy of discussion.

This week, that manifests in the form of a talk about Se7en, a movie that brings with it a whole lot of surprises when you watch it with 2016 eyes. Really! The last time I watched this whole movie from start to finish was more than a decade ago, so it’s crazy to see how my relationships to the characters had changed. It’s also very interesting to see how differently the greater culture viewed cities in 1995, and hard to imagine a movie coming out today that takes on such a harsh view of the urban core.

Also hard to understand? That people are surprised the FBI keeps track of people’s book rentals.

Anyway, Trey and I sort all of that out in this week’s episode. Enjoy!

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