Talking The Accountant And The Ways In Which Autism Gets Portrayed In Film.

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The Accountant, turns out, is a pretty wonderful movie that provides its audiences with all sorts of talking points.

To that end, I’m glad to I had the situation line up where I could talk about this one with such wonderful guests. Here’s how it went down: My wife and I were visiting our friend (and previous podcast guest) Justin Bell, who recently moved to Michigan, and it worked out so that the three of us were able to see the movie together then sit down in his living room and record a conversation about it afterwards.

We talked about what autism is meant to signify in movies, whether a push-or-be-pushed mentality really translates and when it’s OK to accept a little bad for a lot of good.

We also had a wonderful moment where Megan and I were able to explain a plot twist to Justin that he had missed — so that was really fun.


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Editor’s Note: Central Track was down for most of the day last Friday as we transitioned over to this new website, which means we weren’t able to post last week’s TCMP. So here it is!

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