Talking 1998’s Safe Men and Why Some Great Comedies Never Earn Wide Acclaim.

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You probably haven’t seen the 1998 movie Safe Men. But, then again, if you had, it probably wouldn’t be the focus of this here podcast.

I found out about this one through Mike Sirois, my co-worker at The Ticket who told me about it several years ago. Here, we return to that initial conversation now that I’ve finally watched it for myself — and wonder aloud how come no one’s really familiar with this well-crafted, highly subversive comedy about safe-crackers.

Really, the cast alone is insane. Steve Zahn, Sam Rockwell, Paul Giamatti, Peter Dinklage, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Showalter — they’re all in Safe Men.

It’s kind of crazy how no one has ever heard a thing about this one that was written by John Hamburg — a guy with writing credits on such revered comedies as Meet The Parents (and Meet The Fockers), Zoolander (and its sequel), Along Came Polly and I Love You, Man.

Here, we sing its praises and implore you to check it out.

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