This Uncharacteristically-Autumn Weather In North Texas Hasn’t Been Here Long, But Jorge Had His Pancho Ready And Waiting.

Name: Jorge Morales.
Age: 27.
Occupation: Business manager at Nordstrom.
Found: Happiest Hour.
Describe your style: All Saints meets mid-century meets modern.
What are you wearing? My hat is Goorin Bros and the pancho is Forever 21. The shirt is from All Saints, jeans from Topman and my shoes are Steve Madden. The bracelet was a gift.
What inspires your fashion sense? My culture, being Latino and loud accents with anything western. I look for discounted things, and I found my fashion sense through places like Nordstrom & Neiman’s. I grew up in Oklahoma and Texas, not knowing what fashion was. I grew up latino, and most parents won’t buy you clothes that are designer because of how expensive it is. So when I worked at Nordstrom, I discovered I could still purchase the same designers for half the cost — fashion that is accessible and affordable.

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