Ashley Gongora

Dance, Dance.

The Legacy of Dance Pioneer and Activist Alvin Ailey Lives On As His Namesake Company Performs Three Shows in Dallas This Weekend. Even after his death in 1989...

Connecting The Dots.

New Deep Ellum Spot Dot's Is Downright Massive. But, More Than That, It's Got Some Real Spirit. (Oh, And 99 Taps, Too!) Only from a distance does the just-open...

Anything For Selena.

Between A New Makeup Line, A New DJ Night and A New Honor, It's Clear Dallas Still Loves Selena. Last Thursday morning, an even livelier buzz than usual was ci...

Soaking It In.

Handing Out Superlatives For The Biggest, Baddest Oaktopia Yet. With four years now under its belt and plenty of sweat on its brow, Oaktopia continued its reig...

Ashley Gongora


Ashley Gongora is a photographer/sometimes writer with a passion for dance, movement, and civil rights issues. Additionally, she is a lover of all things fashion, even naming her cat Oscar De La Renta.