Our Editor’s Weekly Picks For Some Of The Best New Dallas-Area Music Include Songs From Maren Morris, Bobby Sessions And More.

Texas has been obliterated by snow storms this week, and given the hellish conditions all over the state, it has brought a whole new meaning to the idea of hell freezing over.

To make matters worse, while at least 24 people have died from these storms, our elected officials have scattered from responsibility like cowering roaches. Instead, they’ve been busy putting on smoke and mirror shows for Fox News, giving us the “let them eat cake” — or snow, rather — approach with trips out of the country or playing their favorite pastime: the blame game.

Meanwhile we as Texans have once again done what we’ve begrudgingly come accustomed to in a crisis: rely on each other. People have lost necessities essential to life — in many cases, residents had been without power and water for days. Fortunately, that seems to have mostly dissipated by now. Still, these catastrophic challenges don’t melt away overnight with the snow, but thanks to local resources and independent mutual aid organizations, it won’t be as tough. However, we have only just begun to see the long-term effects caused by this devastation.

Oh, and we’re still in the middle of a deadly pandemic, one which we have yet to see how this all will have impacted when everything thaws out.

It feels slightly bizarre to bring you a fresh crop of Dallas music while we’re all still reeling from the aftermath of a truly heartbreaking few days, but I’m hopeful music will help ease the freezer burn that has been this week. Since the pandemic began these playlists have always been a means for escapism, even if just for the hour or so they clock in at. In getting through the tough days of the last year or so, they haven’t failed me yet — I hope they do the same for you.

There are too many bangers to overlook this week, anyway. Don’t skip Bobby Sessions’ latest collaboration with Megan Thee Stallion since their astronomical “Savage” remix or the gorgeous new duet from Maren Morris and her husband, Ryan Hurd.

Stay spicy, but more importantly stay home and stay safe.

If you’re a musician in DFW who recently dropped something, or you’re just a fan of local music and think something should be on my radar: Please don’t hesitate to put me on at @alecspicey on Twitter or at [email protected].

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