New Music From A.Dd+; Daniel Markham & Claire Morales; Kirby Brown; Ty Richards; Bravo, Max!; Sudie and More.

Welcome to Songs of the Week, where we hip you to all the new local releases you should be caring about. By putting them all together here in one place, our hope is that you can spend less time searching for relevant new releases and more time giving each one of these jams the proper shine they so deserve. OK? OK.

A.Dd+ — Nawf America.
RIYL: When mommy and daddy aren’t fighting.
What else you should know: Out today is A.Dd+’s posthumous final LP. We’ve gone damn near a year without any A.Dd+ in our lives — and just as those wounds were starting to heal, they went and ripped them open with a fiery new LP that made us vividly remember what was so great about them. Shame things went down the way they did, because this is without a doubt their strongest collection of material ever. Better late than never. Also, check out their new/last video, which we premiered earlier today.

Daniel Markham & Claire Morales – “Distant Dreamer.”
RIYL: The most wonderful time of year.
What else you should know: This time last year, this harmony-loving Denton couple wrote and recorded an album of creepy acoustic tracks called Harmony in Hell in a single weekend, initially releasing it via download cards that they hid around Denton. It’s since found its way online. And now, in what seems to be becoming an annual Halloween tradition (or so we hope), they’ve gone and done it again. Ahead of its full digital release – or, hell, maybe you’ll stumble upon a secret hidden copy somewhere, who knows?! – we’ve got the title track for you, which we’re super stoked to premiere above.

Memphis May Fire — This Light I Hold.
RIYL: Cutting your life into pieces.
What else you should know: Not only did the Dallas-sprung metalcore outfit release its latest LP today, but it’s celebrating the fact by playing a show with The Devil Wears Prada at The Prophet Bar tonight. Fun fact: The lead single features Papa Roach frontman Jacoby Shaddix. So there’s that!

RIYL: Blue-chip prospects.
What else you should know: Your “favorite rapper’s new favorite rapper” like just released his Cartel Shawty EP. But already he’s back with another one in the queue, set to release in November. It doesn’t have a title yet, but it does have a lead single, which premiered recently via the taste-making Pigeons & Planes blog. More recently, it was re-posted by us above.

Starbass Laboratories – “Digital Age.”
RIYL: Space jams.
What else you should know: The new electro space disco duo consisting of War Party keys/trombone Christopher Waldon and Avoca manager Peter Gilliland is releasing its debut EP on November 11. Er, I mean, two mysterious alien-type beings have come to our blue planet requesting that we humans “be excellent to each other” and listen to their latest Daft Punk-ian digital transmissions, which have been magnetically captured by Dreamy Life Records and transferred to cassette for commercial transaction. Before that, we’re premiering its lead track above.

Bravo, Max! — Bullfighter Blues.
RIYL: Waving the red flag.
What else you should know: Since releasing its debut album several years ago, man-of-many-projects Johnny Beauford has seen his jangly Americana sextet slimmed down to just a three-piece. Accented by the occasional horn section, the new-look Bravo Max! makes its triumphant return next month, dropping its beefy 15-track rock-leaning sophomore effort.

Drab Majesty – “Cold Souls.”
RIYL: Cross-dressing in outer space.
What else you should know: As we pointed out in this week’s White Noise column, the Los Angeles synth-poppy post punks in Drab Majesty have a new record due out in January, and that, in the interim, the group’s released a single called “Cold Souls,” which features True Widow’s Nicole Estill. There, we said it again. We also posted the song again, above. And since we’re repeating ourselves, we’ll go ahead and reiterate the fact that the band will be in town to perform the song (and, presumably, many others) live on November 22 at RBC.

Ty Richards – “Spaceman.”
RIYL: Leaving your old life behind.
What else you should know: After graduating college, Richards ditched his white collar Fort Worth life to move to Austin and live out his artistic dreams. He’s done pretty well of it so far, racking up more than 10K Facebook fans with nothing but a handful of singles released. In February, he’ll finally put out a debut full-length he’s been laboring on for over two years, playing every instrument himself. As heard on the funky first single, above, he’s a zillion miles away from where he once was – and loving it.

Sudie — Prism.
RIYL: Transparent optical elements with flat, polished surfaces that refract light.
What else you should know: Out today is Sudie’s second EP. A few of the tracks have been out there in recent weeks, and we’ve posted them in this column and/or in recent editions White Noise. Something else to look out for is the five new music videos she’s made for the new material.

Will Johnson — “Nervousness Fangs.”
RIYL: Doing the stacks a second time.
What else you should know: As lo-fi as the debut Centro-matic record, Will Johnson’s newest solo single is as bare as they come. “I set up a mic or two in the middle bathroom, maybe an amp in the hall, and tracked both of those songs to the Tascam 424,” he recently told American Songwriter, which premiered this track last week. Of course, stripping things down to their most primal elements is the surest way to see Johnson’s songwriting genius at its purest. Catch him November 5, when he opens for Bob Mould at Trees.

Ishi – “Bring the Thunder” (Wrestlers Remix).
RIYL: The re-re-re-re-remix [*air horn sound].
What else you should know: Not just frequent performers on the same bills, Ishi’s best album to date has now received the remix treatment from Houston electronic-based act the Wrestlers. It earned its premiere via Magnetic Mag earlier this week.

RC & the Gritz — “Never Enough” and “Good Day to You Sir.”
RIYL: Jamming out.
What else you should know: Not just content to be your best going-out option each and every Wednesday thanks to their decade-running weekly jam sessions at The Prophet Bar, the Grammy-winning RC Williams and his namesake Gritz want to take over your car stereos and whatnot now, too. The well-honed R&B outfit releases its sophomore LP the Friday before the election. Then, on Election Day, they’ll take over your TVs, too, performing cuts off the record on WFAA’s Good Morning Texas. But your first tastes are just up above.

Ronnie Heart — “automaticrush” (demo).
RIYL: Getting teased.
What else you should know: I think pretty much everyone came to the same consensus at our recent relaunch party: Ronnie Heart was the best act on the bill. Unless you’re at one of his wildly entertaining, live shows, though, you’ve got all of five songs of his to throw on your stereo the next morning. I guess make that five-and-a-half now, as he’s got this new demo out. It’s great, as you’ve no doubt come to expect.

Prior Panic — s/t EP.
RIYL: Being stringed along.
What else you should know: Not dream-pop in the typical sense – or even nightmare-pop, for that matter – Dallas-sprung Berklee student Julia Fulbright leans primarily on her cello on the trio of dreamy, electronic-based jams that make up her self-titled debut EP.

Kirby Brown — Out of Exile, Pt. 1.
RIYL: The finest musicians, songwriters, artists and producers in the world.
What else you should know: A couple years ago, North Texas ex-pat Kirby Brown ventured out to Muscle Shoals with producer Beau Bedford and some Texas Gentlemen to record at the legendary FAME studios. Over the next several months, those recordings will be released as a trio of EPs, the first of which dropped today. Like anything this crew touches, it’s exceedingly well done.

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