The Very First Release By New Rap Collective Southside Americana Is Straightforward Introduction Of Who They Are And Where They’re Headed.

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Southside Americana – “Pop Roof”
RIYL: self-perseverance
What else you should know: It took a few years, but rappers Chico and Fetti finally found their sound.

The two are part of the new rap collective Southside America, which released its first track earlier this month. “Pop Roof” was the product of years’ worth of them figuring out who they were as artists

Chico and Fetti met while they were freshmen in college back in 2015 and have been making music since. The two formed Yellow Broadcast years later but it found it difficult to find its own image. Struggling with trying to be just everyone else, the two rebranded and is proving that it’s going be alright if they do whatever the fuck they want to do.

From now on, Southside Americana will only be themselves – two Hispanic rappers making music inspired and motivated by the sacrifices their parents made so they could have this opportunity in the first place.

Hell yeah. 

In the Fetti-produced “Pop Roof,” Chico raps about come-up and warning his listeners not to take him for granted. Lines like, “I’m on top of the world/I’m on top of your girl” and “Look at the seeds that I planted/All of my family ‘gone be straight” tell us he knows he’s the shit, but then he takes a turn.

He raps, “I can’t take my time/God been on my line/All of my brother’s been dying/All of my family been crying,” “I want the brightest in life” and “I’m gonna earn all my strips.”

It hasn’t been an easy road, but his hardships have paved the way for his success — or what he’s still striving for.

So, watch out. Southern Americana might be a new collective, but it’s got plans to grow.

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