New Fort Worth Crossover Thrash Band Ozone’s Latest Circle Pit-Inducing Single Will Have You Wondering If This Planet’s Worth Saving.

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OZONE — “Give It A Rest”
RIYL: Power Trip, Converge
What else you should know: Ozone is a heavy Fort Worth hardcore crossover band that began putting out music during the pandemic, and already the group has seen its output bolstered by Vans, which has included its music on a Spotify playlist.

Deservedly so, too: Ozone’s latest four-song EP clocks in at just over seven minutes long, and it opens with “Give It A Rest,” a song that fits well within the hardcore bubble Tarrant County is known for.

In a lot of ways, “Give It A Rest” mirrors Power Trip’s “Executioner’s Tax’ in that it stands as yet another fitting shout-along single for wayward North Texas metalheads.

The song opens with a slow and steady enough approach, as if it’s lurking in tall grass and awaiting the right time to strike. The rhythm guitar then enters the fray alongside a steady cymbal clang that builds up until the slap of the snare drum that jolts the song to life. Meanwhile, the riff at the center of the proceedings sets the stage for an anthemic offering sure to welcome any willing listener onto its angsty side.

All in all, it’s a brain-scrambler of a track that throws into question the relationships between space and time.

Ozone layers are supposed to protect. But these dudes seem intent on disruption.

Eh, we’ll take what we can get.

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