This New Fiery, Magical Synth-Pop Love Song From The Land Mammal Vocalist Successfully Shows Off His Musical Prowess.

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Kinsley August – “Lavender”
RIYL: synth-pop with live instruments
What else you should know: Only a few months ago, we were amazed by Kinsley August’s work with his loud, psych rock band, Land Mammal. We were also aware of his solo work under his own name, knowing it was much, much different than the Queens of the Stone Age and Blue Cheer vibes of Land Mammal.

Working again with producer Bryan David (who plays bass and drums on the track), Kinsley handles the vocals and synths (with a guest clarinet from John Justus) and it’s more like Tame Impala. With its breezy waves of sound floating on top of cut-up live drums, the chorus is absolutely magic. (Already this writer has put it on a best-of playlist for the year.)

Kinsley shows much more of his lower range in his solo material. Repeatedly singing about the smells of lavender in a room and having everything be OK, it’s a tune of loving sentiments about someone the narrator has wrapped his world around.

In his own words, “Lavender” is a “sensational, synthesizer soaked, love song of fiery passion and romance.” While that might sound like pure cheese for those who love to watch the hilarious “Sexy Sax Man” videos, listening to the song shows it’s not meant for the cheese grater in your kitchen.

This is a great continuation of what Kinsley August has done as an artist. He has Land Mammal to get his rock side out at top volume, but his solo material shows even more range and diversity in terms of what he wants out there.

Cover photo by Conscious Captures.

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