One Of The Artists Who Made The Top 10 Of Our List Of Best Songs Of The Year Gifted Us A Brand New Video Just In Time For 2020.

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Ebo – “Tough”
RIYL: Rappers who are up next.
What Else You Should Know: We here at Central Track have been riding hard for Ebo since we first heard her infectious anthem, “Bounce Back,” earlier this year. So much so, she bounced her way into the top 10 of our 100 best songs from Dallas artists in 2019. And if that isn’t enough of a co-sign, she’s also a regular among the artists played for the Dallas Mavericks as they warm up before games.

Naturally, we’ve been keeping an eye out for the Dallas via Memphis rapper’s next move, and now we have finally been gifted a new video for her latest single, “Tough.”

The video finds Ebo walking into a house party, only to immediately spot what seems to be a former flame. Never one to get lost in her feelings, Ebo keeps it moving, and much like in her video for “Bounce Back,” she’s got her friends by the plenty to lift her up.

Over a chorus of “I’m just having fun/I just wanna love, I just wanna love, love/So why you actin’ tough,” Ebo rides a beat akin to early-mid 2000s hip hop. Let the nostalgia set in.

Once again, one of the freshest acts in Dallas music has left her song stuck in our heads and in our playlists, and now we have entered full-on stannery.

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