The Dallas-Based Rapper Might Have Flown Under Our Radar Before Now, But Her Catchy, Anthemic “Bounce Back” Proves She’s Up Next.

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EBO — “Bounce Back”
RIYL: Never getting in your feelings.
What Else You Should Know: Though it’s not necessarily a new song, “Bounce Back” slaps hard enough that it’s worth sharing nearly five months after its release.

Much like the indie-rap resurgence among the just-below-mainstream tier of rappers who hover right around breakout success right now (Kari Faux, Tierra Whack, etc.), EBO’s style is of the moment. So much so, that “Bounce Back” easily rivals the work of the aforementioned artists. Yeah, I said it.

What’s more, without even having to outright claim it, this catchy track possesses similar DNA to another inescapable, infectious anthem for people who just found out they’re that bitch.

Running on a flow of  “I been down/I been feeling kinda sad /But Imma keep it moving/Gotta Leave it in the past/Never get in my feelings cause I’m getting in my bag,” over a bubbly, ear-worm of a beat, “Bounce Back” is tailor-made for a warm summer playlist. This is feel good music at its core, and if Texas wasn’t still hot as hell during what should already be fall, I’d be more upset with myself that I didn’t discover it back in May.

The video for the song (directed by Iliana Aragon) opens with tears streaming down the rapper’s cheeks before quickly being wiped away, assisted by hands entering from both sides of the frame. Quickly enough, and with the help of a few friends, a couple dance sequences and a hairbrush singalong in satin robes, EBO quite literally keeps it moving.

Do yourself a favor and check out the video below. I guarantee that upon first listen, you’ll be running it back. Or bouncing it back, as the case may be.

Cover photo by Chloe Gonzalez.

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