DTX Selects, Ep: 205: Looking Back At Dallas In 2019.

With 2019 Turning Into 2020, Let’s Take A Look Back At Dallas Underground Culture’s Landmark Moments And Key Players Of The Past Year.

All photos by Jon Harvey.

Before turning the calendar to 2020, we figured we’d spend a little time reflecting on all that made Dallas culture what it was in 2019 — topics like the year’s top performers, its breakout artists and the biggest moments in Dallas hip-hop, arts and culture over these last 12 months.

We hit on a lot over the course of this episode of the podcast — Coach Tev’s prevalence throughout the calendar year, Def Jam’s increasing roster of new signees native to Dallas, and even creatives like Fiji Lou and Retro Rell’s dominance on the events and curatorial scene. Basically: If it was landmark moment or a key player in 2019, you’ll hear about it here.

As always, this episode is hosted and soundtracked by your DTXSelects hosts Rodney Blu, Bry Chanel and Narco, mixed up by Young Ursa Minor, and mixed down by Micah Costa.

Thanks for listening to this episode, and all others we produced in 2019. And here’s looking forward to all that’s in store for 2020 and beyond with your favorite locals.



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Track List:

  1. Small Pond x Coach Tev
  2. Lil Quita x Trapboy Freddy
  3. Expensive Robes ft. LaVoyce x B. Anderson
  4. D0000010.wav x immrcy
  5. Fastlane x Bizarre Bz
  6. PG Tracy x Arradon
  7. Tsunami x Lil 2z
  8. Recycled x Capshun
  9. 64 x Kaash Paige
  10. 2 Way Street x Falak Fahim
  11. Sprung ft. Criiipa Cognito x $cuttino
  12. Solei x Boy Jugo
  13. Push Me x K.Vation
  14. Vegetables x Pat Ron
  15. Nice Dream x William $hawn
  16. valle.dei.templi x fushou.
  17. Starseed x Jomei
  18. Jack & Da Beanstalk x M3CCA
  19. Saran Wrap ft. Hevy Ben$ x Rikki Blu
  20. Sky Gon Fall x SANFORDBLACK
  21. Call her up x Cxmxnche
  22. Mantra x Kaz Moon
  23. Star (Dream Mix) x Electric Tongues
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