On The First Single Off Its Forthcoming Third LP, The Venerable Dallas Punk Band Spots Your Shit-Eating Grin And Calls You Out For Your Sins.

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American Shit Storm – “Deny”
RIYL:‌ fun acronyms
What‌ ‌else‌ ‌you‌ ‌should‌ ‌know:‌ “Deny” is the first single off American Shit Storm’s April 30-due Vol. III: Now look What You’ve Done LP.

Affectionately known by their A.S.S. acronym, it should come as no surprise that American Shit Storm isn’t exactly known for decorum. But the band’s third full-length actually boasts some of its most forward-looking songwriting to date.

It’s also the band’s first release on 2020-launched, Richardson-based label El Gran E Records — and, conversely, the first punk release in the seriously eclectic label’s catalog.

Whereas previous A.S.S. albums have included guitar work from Zane Faulhaber and Noogy’s Anthony Martinez, this new collection finds guitarist Joaquin Reyna helping shape the band’s sound. In fact, bassist Matt Ostman credits Reyna with filling in the gaps the group collectively felt needed tending to in their writing process for this third LP.

“If there’s anything that’s closest to our current identity, it is definitely going to be this new album,” Ostman says. “And that’s because of Joaquin’s influence.”

That influence is especially felt on “Deny” — and particularly in its vicious wah-wah bridge section. But, for his part, Reyna isn’t taking all the credit, instead acknowledging that frontman Jacob Sereno is responsible for the band’s true identity.

“[Sereno] brings a big personality to the stage front that can’t be denied,” Reyna says.

As for Sereno himself? Well, as he says in the song: “We all see your brown teeth from spewing so much shit. You’ve been telling lies so goddamn long, you believe it. It depends on your day and it depends on your mood what kind of person you’ll be today. But there’s one thing that’s true: You’ll deny.”

Cringe subject matter? Sure. Bet we’ve all met people like that before.

Check out American Shit Storm’s ode to those with shit-eating grins below.

Cover photo by Allan Hayslip.

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