The Latest Track By Shoegaze Singer-Songwriter Alex(andria) Is An Acoustic Cry For When You Just Want The World To Stop.

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Alexandria – “Blur”
RIYL: the sunday scaries
What else you should know: This sad ‘lil song if for all the sad ‘lil people.

If you’re listening to Alex(andria) for the first time, so are we! Alex(andria) is a new artist who just released her first track on digital platforms, but she’s been playing acoustic sets around DFW. So, if you’ve been lucky enough to catch one of these sets, good for you – keep going. We’ll see you at the next one.

For her single debut, Alex(andria), who considers herself to be a sad girl making sad music, is putting us all in our feelings with a song about “life going by without you.” The track is about how fast time moves on and how little things have changed. It’s for the anxiety you get when you feel like you’ve run out of time to be someone different, but really, you’re the one holding yourself back.

It’s a universal feeling when you think you’re too old to really feel alive or when old memories, good or bad, just make you sad. Alex(andria) sings “blur” so sweetly, yet so hauntingly, but she’s hitting all the right spots. She sounds like she’s speaking to you in a dream, and instead of making you sad, it does the opposite. What we mean to say is, it is a sad song, but it also makes us realize that things don’t have to be this way.

It’s a coming-of-age track! So, let’s be sad anyway for indie girl purposes.

She sings, “All I wanted to do was feel alive / Now I feel like I don’t have the time / Everything’s so messed up / All misconstrued into what I thought.”

That chorus alone will make you feel like the protagonist (from the Midwest, of course) of a teenage indie film.

Cover courtesy of Alex(andria) on Bandcamp.

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