Dallas Got A Halloween Preview This Weekend.

[Slideshow] Dallas’ Creatures Of The Night Were Summoned To The Stoneleigh Hotel For Blake Ward’s Latest Themed Bash In The Uptown Spot’s Penthouse On Friday Night.

Cult followers, disco revelers and oil barons — oh my.

Dallas DJ and party promoter Blake Ward has had himself quite the run with his recurring, themed and costumes-encouraged bashes in the penthouse at the Stoneleigh Hotel this year. And at this past Friday night’s “Summoning” bash — a sort of early-bird Halloween special — he kept that streak going rather ghoulishly.

Doors opened at 10 p.m., and within minutes of the clock striking that witching hour, revelers showed up to the venue clad in all sorts of devilish attire — from Oujia board-inspired get-ups to nuns-gone-bad outfits, and everything in between — ready to dance to Ward’s darker-side-of-the-spectrum sonic selections. Once inside, they packed the 11th-floor confines, either cutting loose on the dance floor, chatting each other up in the hallway or taking a gander into their future thanks to the on-site tarot card readings.

It was a spooky — but undeniably enjoyable — time, and photographer was on hand to capture it all with his camera. Get a sense of the night’s vibes through his slideshow above.

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