[PHOTOS] The Sights Of Scarborough.

The Scarborough Renaissance Festival Is In The Middle Of Its 41st Season. Here Are The Merchants, Fairies, Vikings, Creatures & Other Magical Beings We Saw.

Over in Waxahachie, The Scarborough Renaissance Festival is halfway through it’s 41st season.

By chance you’re not familiar with the long-running festival, it’s an eight-week event set on the 35 acre grounds of a recreated 16th century English village that offers a near-endless amount of Renaissance-themed markets, food, performances and activities. And of course dressing up is a must — don’t be that guy in cargo shorts and a t-shirt.

It first began in 1981 and since then has become one of the largest Renaissance Festivals in the country, so of course Central Track had to check it out. We went for one day, open to close, and that still wasn’t enough time to experience everything. Some of the fun included — a Mythical Monster Museum, Birds of Prey demonstration, mermaid lagoon, sword swallowers, fire whip show and jousting. Additionally, there was a whole lot of money going towards turkey legs, booze and artisinal keepsakes (and it was well worth it) as well as taking in the incredible and immersive sights and garbs (we learned it’s a faux pas to call them “costumes.”)

Having spent nearly nine feet-aching hours living the 16th century, it truly felt like it was gone in a flash. The interests that lie within this subculture get’s dunked on a lot by the cool kids of the world for being nerdy, these nerds are the most creative, interesting, talented and kindest people you can find.

We also left wishing that we could normalize people wearing corsets, fairy wings and chainmail on a daily basis. A person can dream.

Anyway, above are some of the best sights we saw at the festival. It’s hard to capture the full magical scope of the Scarborough Festival, but you just had to be there.

All photos by Frances Tingle.

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