Look Who Drank The Kool-Aid At The Stoneleigh.

[Slideshow] Check Out These People Who Gave In To A Higher Power At Blake Ward’s Cult-Themed Dance Party At The Stoneleigh Hotel.

All photos by Karlo X. Ramos.

There are, of course, a number of elements that go into a party’s success — the venue, the booze, the crowd, etc. — but a smart selection of the night’s sounds is arguably the most important, as it in so many ways can either positively or negatively affect each of the other factors.

Indeed, if you want to get romantic — or perhaps even megalomaniacal — about it, there’s a real power involved in DJing a party. At times, helming a night’s soundtrack can sometimes feel like pulling the night’s puppet strings, with the direction of the party hinging on the selection of each subsequent.

Think about it like this: If dancing is a religion, the dancefloor is its church, the music is God and the DJ is the preacher.

This is no doubt something that Blake Ward, one of Dallas’ most prominent and arguably best-at-marketing DJs, knows quite well. For years, he’s been responsible for some of the city’s most memorable parties — and especially over the course of these last few months as he’s established a relationship with the team at the Stoneleigh Hotel to throw regular themed bashes and pool parties within the historic hotel’s confines.

On Friday, he continued that trend — and played up the cult of hip-shaking detailed above — with a cult-themed based in the Stoneleigh’s penthouse. There, his crowd danced the night away, many of them rocking cult-inspired fashions as they sipped, literally, on spiked Kool-Aid that the space’s bar rather cheekingly served up all night long.

Photographer Karlo X. Ramos was on hand to take in on the madness with his camera. Check out his captures of night in the above slideshow.

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