Getting Down at The Disco (TX).

Get Down With These Photos Of The Far-Out People Who Boogied On The Dancefloor For DJ Blake Ward’s Disco-Themed Party In The Stoneleigh Hotel Penthouse.

All photos by Karlo X. Ramos.

Catching a DJ set from Blake Ward isn’t exactly a tough thing to do around Dallas. The DJ is a fairly ubiquitous presence around town thanks to his weekly parties (Saturdays for Glamorama at Beauty Bar, Sundays for Jamz at Double Wide) and various fashion and society gigs on top of those. But his Disco, TX party in the penthouse of the Stoneleigh Hotel this past Friday night offered up something different for sure.

Billed as a ’70s -themed throwback to the hotel’s glory days of yesteryear, the free bash featured Ward dropping Italo disco deep cuts and attendees willingly giving into the “fabulous, fierce” dress suggestion offered up in its online promos. The crowd’s chic looks were only outdone by their energetic moves on the dancefloor (see above slideshow).

Though billed as a one-off, we’d put money on an event like this happening again in this setting under Ward’s watch. And since it was indeed such a groovy affair, we’d put money on our showing up next time, too.

With bells on. Maybe even literally.

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