Check Out Fort Worth Rapper 88 Killa, Dallas Improv Comic Lindsay Goldapp And Vandoliers Frontman Joshua Fleming In The Third Episode Of Our Game Show!

Oh, shit! We’re back at it again!

Last week, we leaned back into 2020’s shittiness one more time by playing yet more Shit Happens — a card game released by our friends at Games Adults Play that’s all about the unfortunate curve balls life throws your way, and how we deal with them.

Given social distancing protocols, we’re of course still playing the game over Zoom — something you and your friends can also do yourselves by downloading the Spring 2020 edition of the game FOR FREE right here.

Odds are, though, that you and your friends won’t be as cool as the crew we assembled for our latest round of play. Sorry, but it’s true! Playing along with us this time are the Fort Worth rapper and provocateur 88 Killa, improv comic and Stomping Ground Comedy Theater operator Lindsay Goldapp and Vandoliers frontman Joshua Fleming.

We had a good as time playing, and we think you’ll have a good time watching along. So, crack open a cold one and join us in debating the merits of the shit that life sends our way — only, y’know, all competitive-like.

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