Check Out Adult Film Icon Rachel Starr, Dallas Rap Legend Dorrough And Stand-Up Comedian Paulos Feerow In The Sixth Installment Of Our Shitty Game Show!

The shits just keep on coming, folks!

Earlier this week, we once again leaned into 2020’s suckiness and played yet another round of Shit Happens — the card game, from our friends at the Plano-based Games Adults Play that’s all about how people deal with the unfortunate curve balls life throws their way.

As has been the case since we kicked this series off, we’re still practicing social distancing protocols and playing the game over Zoom — which is something you and your friends can also do yourselves by downloading the Spring 2020 edition of the game FOR FREE! right here.

It’s a good time, I promise — and especially so if you can wrangle together as wild a crew of players as we did this week. I mean, seriously, check out this group of contestants:

  • stand-up comedian Paulos Feerow!
  • rap legend Dorrough (aka Six3)!
  • adult film icon Rachel Starr!

With a crew like this, things are bound to get pretty messy, right? Oh, no doubt. But how messy?

There’s only one way to find out for sure. Crack open a cold one and hit play on the below embed to see!

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