Check Out Dallas DJ Poizon Ivy, Dallas Musician Pretty Boy Aaron And Dallas-Sprung Twitch Streamer Zombi Unicorn In Our Game Show’s Seventh Episode!

This shit is relentless, y’all!

That’s right: We’re back and once again leaning into 2020’s suckiness by playing another round of Shit Happens — a game show all about the unfortunate curve balls life can throw your way, and the way we react to them.

As has been the case since we kicked this series off back in June of 2020, we’re still practicing social distancing protocols and playing the game over Zoom — which is something you and your friends can also do yourselves by downloading the Spring 2020 edition of the game for free right here.

For this seventh installment, we’ve assembled another bonkers round of Dallas-connected contestants:

  • the acclaimed Dallas DJ Poizon Ivy!
  • the hyper-creative Dallas musician Pretty Boy Aaron!
  • the Twitch streamer extraordinaire Zombi Unicorn!

This are bound to get interesting with a crew like this, right? Find out for yourself by cracking open a cold one, hitting play on the below embed and joining us in another bout of debating the merits of all the shit we put up with in this life.

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