Which North Texas Beer Best Suits Your Personality? We Designed This Quiz To Help You Finally Figure That Out.

Listen, there are some great beers around these parts. We all know this.

But with such a wealth of options now existing thanks the recent boom in area craft brewing, deciding which beer to drink at any given moment can sometimes be a bit of an intimidating prospect.

Well, worry no more. We’re here help take the guessing out of the equation — and to help our favorite barkeeps from having to dole out dozens of little tastes of everything they have on tap until you settle on a choice. because, the fact is, if you’re gonna drink beer, you should drink the beer best suited to your sensibilities.

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Thankfully, this quiz will help you do just that, determining which popular North Texas beer best lines up with your personality.

Take it!

Porttia Portis, Ben Smithson and Pete Freedman contributed to this quiz.

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