The Acclaimed Pizzeria Owner Discusses How His Restaurants Have Dealt With Social Distancing Measures & Forecasts What The Future Of Dining Might Look Like.

The latest installment of our Instagram Live Q&A Series — in which we catch up with various Dallasites of note during these truly bizarre times — saw acclaimed pizzaiolo Jay Jerrier entering our kitchen.

Since opening his Neapolitan pizzeria Cane Rosso in Deep Ellum back in early 2011, Jerrier has established himself as a savvy restaurateur and businessman alike — and, heading into the coronavirus pandemic that has so ravaged our country in recent weeks, business was good for the pizza man. The Cane Rosso brand has since expanded into statewide venture, with locations not just across North Texas but also in Houston and Austin, and his New York-style offshoot pizza shop Zoli’s NY Pizza even has a pair of locations still humming on their s own.

Of course, shelter-in-place orders and legally mandated dining room closures have a way of throwing a wrench in restaurant owner plans, we now know.

Throughout our almost hour-long chat on Monday night, Jerrier was forthcoming and insightful not just in his assessment of how his business have been affected by the pandemic but also in his pragmatic attempts at forecasting what the future of the dining world could look like in the coming months.

Give our discussion a watch below — and stay tuned to our social channels for news on upcoming guests in this series as they’re confirmed.

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