In A Year That Has Been Incredibly Difficult For So Many In The City, Thanksgiving Charity Is Taking On Greater Importance.

Thanksgiving is a time meant to celebrate a bountiful harvest as food is one of the first things brought to mind for when it comes to the holiday — an abundance of special, comforting dishes. It’s also often a time for charity, and a time to share with those who have had a less bountiful harvest.

This year, that latter aspect of the holiday has taken on a greater importance as more and more people find themselves out of reach. Several reports suggest food insecurity in Texas has at least doubled since 2019. Anywhere between 27 and 31 percent of Texans do not regularly have enough to eat as of July 2020. Notably, food insecurity in Texas is higher than the national average, estimated to be about 23 percent this year.

With Congress out of session for the holidays and a lame duck president closing out his term, it’s unlikely Americans will receive significant relief from the federal government this holiday season. As such, locally driven food distribution events will continue to play an important role for the rest of the year. And with Dallas’ homeless population growing at a faster rate than 95 percent of the country, events that aim to support our increasingly houseless population will also prove crucial as temperatures start to drop.

Here’s a list of ways to lend a helping hand in North Texas this week.

Tuesday, November 24

NTFB Mobile Food Pantry at Central Park Church of God
The North Texas Food Bank will hold a mobile food pantry distribution at Central Park Church of God between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Drive-Thru Produce Giveaway at Thomas Place Community Center
Thomas Place Community Center will host a drive-thru for a fresh fruit and vegetable giveaway on Tuesday, November 24 from 2:00p.m.-4:30p.m.

Benefit Night for Child Help at Flatbread Company
A portion of every pizza goes to Child Help, an organization that aids children who are victims of abuse.

Thanksgiving Drive-Thru at Hillside Community Center in Fort Worth
For this food drive, participants will enter the parking lot, remain in their car and be greeted with a free turkey.

Wednesday, November 25

Texas Black Women Rise Up: Virtual March Against Violence
The Afiya Center will put on a virtual event featuring four speakers standing in solidarity for violence against women.

First Annual Piesgiving with Hug It Out
Support local LGBT group Hug It Out through pie or monetary donations to help provide meals to teens at DISD and kids at Jonathan’s Place.

Thursday, November 26

Humans Helping Humans Homeless Outreach Essentials Distribution
Help support essential supply distribution to the Dallas homeless community. If you would like to volunteer to pick up or drop off supplies, or if you have items to donate, email the Outreach Director at [email protected]

Friday, November 27

Winter Clothing Drive and Harvest Project Fundraiser
All weekend, you can donate your well-loved winter clothing to those in need, or offer cash to support feeding hungry families. All of the donations go toward feeding and clothing the unhoused and underserved populations in Dallas. Fundraiser and clothing drive prizes include swag, gear, classes and memberships.

Free Food Distribution in Greenville, TX
For this event, volunteers are needed at 3 p.m. as the distribution will take place from 4:00-6 p.m.

Saturday, November 28

South Dallas Clean-Up with Not My Son
Join anti-police brutality group Not My Son for a community cleanup event from 12:00-3 p.m. Register ahead and arrive at 11:30AM to pick up a t-shirt and get checked in as a volunteer.

Drive-Thru Food Pantry at St. John the Apostle United Methodist
This food box distribution event starts at 9 a.m. will run until supplies last.

Barksgiving! 2020 Adoption Event at Texas Ale Project
Join the DFW Humane Society and adopt your next furry friend.

Feed the City Mesquite — Pack Up and Drop Off Meals 
Pack up as many lunch sacks as you want with your family to drop off at Porch Swing. Organizers ask that you consult the list of requested items per lunch and drop the lunch packs off in boxes or bags.

Feed the Homeless in Need in Irving
Join Helping Around Town at 5 p.m. to feed those in need in Irving.

Sunday, November 29

Spring Valley Elementary Garden Day
Help an elementary school garden get back to feeding healthy kids from 1:00-4 p.m.

Feed the Homeless in Need in Irving
Join Helping Around Town at 10 a.m. to feed those in need in Irving.

Winter Coat Drive
Drop off new children’s coats, socks, hats and scarves for ages zero to 14.


Move Shingle Mountain Email Campaign
Send an email by December 6 to the Assistant Attorney General of Texas to demand the movement of the toxic waste dump that plagues our city.

Donate to North Texas Mutual Aid
Support this volunteer organization that creates connections between people with resources to share and people that need them.

Donate to Dallas Evictions 2020
Support an organization that provides free legal help for people who can’t qualify for traditional legal aid, as well as those who need help with utility bills, food and partial rent. All of your donation will go directly to help those in danger of losing their home.

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