Deep Ellum’s Newest Tattoo Studio Offers A Line Of Products And Services That Are Both Vegan And Cruelty-Free For Those Seeking An Alternate Way To Get Inked.

Konēko is Japanese for “little cat.” But it’s also the name of Deep Ellum’s newest tattoo shop, Konēko on Main street. And like a little cat, it’s small and cute.

The studio’s standout feature is that, unlike some tattoo studios that may carry some vegan, cruelty-free products, its entire line of products and services are sensitive to vegan lifestyles.

The space at 3901 Main Street opened back in mid-October and is luminous and looks like something straight out of a Elle Decor magazine. The plants throughout the space allow you to feel calm and at home. The kitten decor on the walls is fitting and adorable and a breathe of fresh air compared to your average dark and grungy tattoo shops.

The studio is managed by Linda Bishop, Katelyn Jane and Pre Li. The three keep true to the studio’s’ mantra “bold, authentic, and natural,” as the studio specializes in cosmetic tattooing.

Bishop says that the primary difference between vegan tattooing versus traditional tattooing is the ingredients and the overall environmental impact.

“I care about the products being used in and on my body and I know so many others do too,” Bishop says. “Having a vegan studio not only helps reduce the negative environmental impact but vegan companies tend to make higher quality products that are better suited for the human body.”

Non-vegan tattoo shops sometimes carry inks, ointments and even paper towels that were most likely manufactured using animal products. So Bishop says that before opening up shop, she and her team did copious amounts of research to find not just vegan but the best quality products available.

The studio offers anything from eyelash extensions, tattooing eyebrows and freckles. Together the three are playing a key role on improving self-confidence and providing self-care for others. 

Bishop herself practices veganism and says has experienced the benefits of that lifestyle first-hand, so “creating a vegan and cruelty free studio was just a no-brainer.”

“The quality of our work and products is what gravitates our clients to us and us being vegan and cruelty free is just a plus, our goal is to normalize the search for vegan and cruelty free services in the future whether it’s a tattoo or a massage,” Bishops says. “This should be something everyone eventually seeks out.”

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