Rumors Of A Revival For The Beloved, North Texas-Inspired Animated Sitcom Have Been Circling Since 2017 — And Now They’re Getting Floated Again.

People can’t stop talking about potentially rebooting King of the Hill.

They’ve been doing it since at least 2017, when Dana Walden — then the CEO at Fox Television — told a group of reporters that she’d held preliminary talks with show creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels about about a possible return.

Just a year later, the once Richardson-based Judge double-down on that notion, saying he’d envisioned the rebooted version taking place after “a passage of time.”

Now, in a Reddit AMA held just this week, King of the Hill writer/producer Brent Forrester has added even more fuel to the fire. When pressed about whether he could share any updates about the status of a possible King of the Hill return, he wrote the following: “I am sure Greg Daniels and Mike Judge will murder me for sharing this but… HELL YES. They are in hot negotiations to bring back King of the Hill. The Trump administration made it suddenly very relevant again. The characters have all aged 15 years. The project is sooooo good. Okay I’ve said too much :)”


Set in the fictional Texas town of Arlen (a combination of various North Texas suburbs), King of the Hill originally aired on FOX from 1997 until 2010. In addition to providing our region with its finest onscreen representation since Dallas, the show also featured a stacked cast of voice actors, including Judge, Kathy Najimy, Pamela Adlon, Brittany Murphy, Stephen Root and more.

In 2018, its rights were acquired by Comedy Central, which promptly released all 13 seasons of the show to Hulu, where they can still be streamed to this day.

Interestingly, it could be another revival deal Judge has struck with Comedy Central that could prevent a King of the Hill restart from kicking off any time soon.

Last year, it was announced that Judge had signed on for two new rebooted seasons of his just-as-iconic Beavis & Butt-Head franchise for Comedy Central, and earlier this year it was confirmed that those would also arrive with another Beavis & Butt-Head movie.

So this latest round of King of the Hill reboot hype could just be more smoke for the time being. But if it’s not, we’d be pretty stoked, I’ll tell you hwhat.

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