On Pepe The Hate Symbol, Creepy Clowns and What The Hell’s Happening At City Hall.

If you’re a listener of KTCK 1310-AM or 96.7-FM, you probably feel like you already know TC Fleming and Jake Kemp well. And if you’re not a listener of The Ticket? Well, whatever. You’re about to get real familiar with these two just the same through their own channel of this podcast called It’s Just Banter. Wanna hear past episodes? You can check out IJB’s archives here and on our Soundcloud page. Wanna subscribe to the podcast on iTunes? Do so here.

Do you ever wonder what David Stein’s been up to? We do, and this week’s episode opens with an impromptu look into what the former Sporting News Radio overnight host has going on!

Fortunately, that’s but a brief dalliance. From there, we provide a small addendum to last week’s Pepe the Frog talk — because he’s a hate symbol now, believe it or not. Speaking of Pepe: Would you rather fight a Harambe-sized Pepe or 100 Pepe-sized Harambes? No, we didn’t come up with that question, but we do address it! Also, we talk about the ongoing, very frightening Clown Epidemic.

In the second half of this week’s show, things get civic-minded. Long story short, there are a couple governmental issues that should be on your radar, folks. For one, the City of Dallas gave some rich people money they maybe shouldn’t have. Secondly, this upcoming Fair Park Foundation vote is setting off some real alarm bells.

Tune in to get learned up. — TC Fleming

Cover photo by Karlo X. Ramos.
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