On Playing Madden Against A Dallas Maverick, Cliff Diving Competitions and Dolphin Sex.

If you’re a listener of KTCK 1310-AM or 96.7-FM, you probably feel like you already know TC Fleming and Jake Kemp well. And if you’re not a listener of The Ticket? Well, whatever. You’re about to get real familiar with these two just the same through their own channel of this podcast called It’s Just Banter. Wanna hear past episodes? You can check out IJB’s archives here and on our Soundcloud page. Wanna subscribe to the podcast on iTunes? Do so here.

This week, we start things off by reviewing a game of Madden, which is hopefully more exciting than it might initially sound. Long story short, I played a game against Dallas Mavericks forward Justin Anderson that concluded less than an hour before the recording of this podcast started. I lost by 2 points on a last-second field goal, and I share some reflections here on why.


I’ve had a pretty kick-ass week, actually. In addition to playing video games against professional athletes, I also went to the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series this weekend and give a full review of that. If you like boats and EDM, it’s a pretty great time.

Those are just the light aperitif of this week’s big discussion, though. Mostly, we’re here this week to talk about animals — and, specifically, about a woman who once jacked off a dolphin in the name of science. And she did it multiple times! We tell that story in full over the course of 20 or 30 minutes. And then Jake is ready with a full follow-up on his idea that humans should try to go back to the water. We talk about some other stuff, too, like finding out exactly when life left the water.

It’s all very good. — TC Fleming


















































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