Among The Failed Festival’s Assets That Are Now Available For Purchase At Cost: A Signed Old 97’s Guitar, A Massive Art Installation, Bicycles & More!

On January 16, 2019, our lives changed as the first and only lineup for KAABOO Texas dropped and immediately piqued our morbid curiosity.

“What is with this lineup?!” we thought to ourselves while trying to muster a modicum of class and professionalism. “I mean, like, 20 percent of this lineup is actually decent. So maybe let’s give it a chance and see if it ends up being a destination festival?”

Alas, even after we cautiously but optimistically gave the bust of a fest a mulligan, festival organizers dropped an Easter egg of a curveball and revealed that KAABOO Texas’ was going bye-bye, leaving its future to dwell only within the confines of our memories.

Yes, for all of its good but even more so its bad, KAABOO Texas will always hold a special place in our hearts. It’s possible now too, though, that it could also hold a special place within our storage units.

Earlier this week, people involved with the festival launched a Facebook Marketplace liquidation sale wherein regular ol’ folks like you and me can purchase the vestigial remains of its outstanding assets — including festival equipment, merch and other mementos.

Here is the list of products being sold, presented verbatim from the Facebook listing:

  • Plywood – new, 2 full pallets
  • Plastic A-frame sandwich board signs – 83+ (2 pallets)
  • Coolers/ice chests – 65+
  • Pop-up tents/canopies – 4
  • Bicycles (cruisers) – 9
  • “Old 97s” signed guitar – 1
  • Merchandise display wire wall racks
  • Miscellaneous small office supplies – 2 office chairs, 10 plastic storage containers, 2 iPads, power strips, possibly a desktop printer, etc. – 6 pallets
  • Small hospitality towels (not branded)
  • Art soft goods – paint sprayer, tarps, buckets, rollers, etc. – 7 pallets
  • Wood art walls (painted, used indoors at AT&T for displaying artwork) – 12 pallets; 204 total walls
  • Large display art piece (Sacred Alchemy) – would be willing to separate from lot
  • Branded merchandise (KAABOO Texas); hats, koozies, camel back water bottles, bags, t-shirts, lineup posters, etc. – 22 boxes
  • Miscellaneous KAABOO branded signage and hardware – 2 pallets

Some of that stuff could be useful in the right hands! Like, surely there’s an Old 97’s fan out there who wants that autographed guitar. And depending on what exactly is available in terms of merch, you might be able to school some cool additions to your wardrobe at below cost thanks to this auction. (Update at 5 p.m.: The sellers are trying to unload this all in one fell swoop, meaning you have to but the whole lot to get the individual pieces.)

As for us? Well, we thought our exclusive on KAABOO Texas’s final breath would be the last we hear in regards to its true roller-coaster of a run, so we’re just happy that this auction presents us with one last opportunity to bid adieu to what was ultimately a bizarre — but also somewhat pleasant! — memory.

Rest in pieces, KAABOO Texas!

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