32 People Who Have Had Enough Of This Texas Summer Heat.

1. This guy who has resorted to terrible puns to cope.

2. This guy who cooked up this tweet.

3. This guy who should think about unionizing.

4. This girl who has a case for the ACLU.

5. This lady who is considering a life change.

6. This woman who stops the world and melts with you.

7. This entrepreneur.

8. This would-be Rodney Dangerfield.

9. This girl who just wanted her nails to look fresh.

10. This concerned woman who has a future as a content marketer.

11. This girl who needs CPR.

12. This girl who had long hair and did care, turns out.

13. This poor, pale soul.

14. This girl who takes “Netflix and chill” literally.

15. This Commando.

16. This girl who is stuck on Level 3.

17. This girl who woke up like this.

18. This guy who’s always hot and then cold.

19. This guy who blesses the rains down in Africa.

20. This guy who constructed this tweet.

21. This girl and her utilities bill.

22. This trophy winner.

23. This mouther-offer.

24. This driven guy.

25. This guy who is good with the glove.

26. This guy who figured out how to kill two birds with one stone.

27. This girl who is stuck in a bad Groundhog Day remake.

28. This My Chemical Romance fan.

29. This girl who’s just trying to center her chakras.

30. This gambler.

31. This shoe-in for hell.

32. This person who needs some Odor protection.


















































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