A Shoe-By-Shoe Look At The Sneakers That The Dallas Mavericks’ 20-Year-Old Rookie Sensation Rocked Throughout The Course Of His First NBA Season.

The Dallas Mavericks’ 2018-2019 season has ended — and in a bit of a bittersweet fashion, what with the iconic Dirk Nowitzki sailing off into the proverbial sunset and retiring after 21 seasons with the squad.

Fortunately, there’s lots to look forward to with the franchise’s future — in various facets of its business operations.

Off the court, the organization’s currently got a female-dominated team laser-focused on righting its past ills and embracing more progressive mindset. On it, the team’s made some deft acquisitions to load its roster up with new and exciting talents.

Then, of course, there’s Luka Doncic. Just 20 years old, the presumptive choice for the NBA’s 2019 Rookie of the Year honors was the talk of the league this season, with his exciting brand of play drawing fans to the American Airlines Center all year long (despite the team’s paltry 33-49 record) and earning the Western Conference’s Rookie of the Month honors a whopping four times.

It’s not just his impressive basketball skill set that’s been turning heads, though. I mean, have y’all even seen how fresh the Nike-signed athlete‘s seemingly endless kicks collection of is? Shoes are an obvious obsession for the young Slovenian.

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He rocks a new pair every game — and, more often than not, it’s a never-before-seen design he’s rocking each time. They’re impressive designs, too. Take, for instance, the Ghostbusters– and Dragon Ball Z-themed shoes that he custom-ordered from graphic designer and illustrator Martín Redondo (aka Melonkicks) and had shipped all the way from Spain. Or consider the manga– and even Dirk Nowitzki-honoring ones he special-ordered from Los Angeles shoe artist Salvador Amezcua (aka Kickstradomis).

Doncic’s fascination with sneakers is so intense that, if he’s not feeling his play during any given game, he’ll even swap his shoes out in the middle of the action as a superstitious means of righting his efforts. As one might expect, scoring a signed pair of his game-worn kicks has become a major coup. More surprising, perhaps, is the fact that fans will even scramble to grab his sneakers should they fly off mid-game.

While we obviously love what we’ve seen out of his basketball game during his young NBA career, we gotta say: We really love what this dude’s bringing in terms of foot action, too.

That in mind, let’s take a look back at 38 of our favorite shoe looks from Doncic’s rookie season. As even the most casual of sneakerheads will note after scrolling through the below compilation, dude really knows how to bring some fire to the hardwood.

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