Every Single Dallas City Council Seat Is Up for Grabs in May. Are You Ready To Vote And Make Your Voice Heard? How About Running Yourself?

So, at this point, you’ve likely realized that activism is tougher than just sharing your outrage on social media. That’s a good realization!

Maybe you’ve also realized that the odds may be stacked against you? Awesome! It’s important to know the devils you’re facing.

Perhaps, at this point, you’ve even gone to a protest or written your representatives to let them know where you, their constituent, stands on an issue. Terrific! Getting involved is a great first step toward making the world a better place.

Of course, if you want real change in your neighborhood, city, state, country or the world, it all starts with voting. And while you’ve likely heard at this point about the importance of the upcoming midterm elections in 2018 — in which the entire House of Representatives, a third of the Senate and most governor seats across the country (including our own here in Texas) will be up for grabs — the truth is that local politics are far more likely to affect your day-to-day life more than any executive order or law passed by a the national legislature.

To that end, did you know that all 14 of Dallas’ city council seats are up for election this May? Because they are, and that election is less than three months away from taking place.

But what can you do about it?

Well, first of all you should register to vote. The deadline to do so is Friday, April 6, and you can find out more information about how to do that right here.

Wanna get even even more involved that that? Turns out you still have some time to register as a candidate for one of those seats. The deadline for that is February 17, and more information on how to go about moving forward on that front can be found here.

Also, if you don’t already know, then you should probably find out who represents you in the first place. This handy link will let you know that information. This link, meanwhile, will let you know who’s currently committed to running for those city council seats, although we’ve also gathered that information for you here, below.

Here’s who’s currently planning to run for Dallas City Council — and, perhaps more important, who currently faces no challenger — in the May elections.

District 1.

Neighborhood: North Oak Cliff.
Current Councilmember: Scott Griggs.
Challenger: None.

District 2.

Neighborhoods: Medical District, Love Field, Downtown, Deep Ellum.
Current Councilmember: Adam Medrano.
Challenger: None.

District 3.

Neighborhood: South Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Casey Thomas.
Challenger: Joe Tave.

District 4.

Neighborhood: Southeast Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Carolyn King Arnold.
Challengers: Dwaine Caraway, Lester Houston, Richard P. Sheridan.

District 5.

Neighborhood: East Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Rickey Callahan.
Challenger: Dominique Torres-Jeter.

District 6.

Neighborhood: West Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Monica R. Alonzo (Mayor Pro Tem).
Challengers: Tony Carrillo, Gil Cerda, Omar Narvaez, Patricia L. Jones.

District 7.

Neighborhood: Fair Park, Southeast Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Tiffinni A. Young.
Challengers: Adam Bazaldua, Tammy L. Johnston​, Marvin E. Crenshaw, ​Kevin Felder, James C. Turknett, ​Cydney C. Walker.

District 8.

Neighborhood: Southeast Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Erik Wilson (Deputy Mayor Pro Tem).
Challengers: Tennell Atkins, Gail Terrell, Eric L. Williams.

District 9.

Neighborhood: White Rock.
Current Councilmember: Mark Clayton.
Challenger: Arthur Lee Adams Jr.

District 10.

Neighborhood: Northeast Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Adam McGough.
Challenger: None.

District 11.

Neighborhood: North Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Lee M. Kleinman.
Challenger: Candy Evans.

District 12.

Neighborhood: Far North Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Sandy Greyson, who is not currently listed as a candidate.
Challenger: None.

District 13.

Neighborhood: Northwest Dallas.
Current Councilmember: Jennifer Staubach Gates.
Challenger: ​Jesus L. Lujan.

District 14.

Neighborhood: Lakewood, Uptown.
Current Councilmember: Philip T. Kingston.
Challengers: Adam Fullerton, Austin Guttery, Kim Welch.

* * * * *

By our count, that’s four council seats where the incumbents have no opposition.

Maybe those folks need a challenge? Maybe that challenge could be you?

And, as for the seats where there are some competition, maybe it’s time for a new voice in that spot? Or maybe you need to fight to make sure that voice stays on the council?

Either way, it’s time to make your voice heard, Dallas.

Cover photo of Dallas City Hall by David R. Tribble via Wikipedia Commons.

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