The Dallas Police Department’s Minute-By-Minute “Complete Timeline” Of The First Four Days Of Protests Paints A Chaotic, Paranoid Look Into Officer Psyche.

Cover photo by Shane McCormick.

Listen, no one is going to blame you for not wanting to read the Dallas Police Department’s 85-page, “final” after-action report on the city’s wild first four days of (still-ongoing) police brutality protest activity.

Beyond just being long and detailed in all the wrong ways, the report really doesn’t move the ball too far past where the earlier draft we exclusively leaked in July placed it. It still paints DPD as heroic, still paints protesters as aggressors and still lacks any real culpability on the department’s part for the widely publicized mayhem or the injuries sustained by civilians throughout that opening weekend of action.

The last-week-released version of DPD’s opening protest weekend recounting does, however, bring one new thing of note to the table: It includes a 12-page portion of time-stamped play-by-play notes compiled by the department over the course of the four-day period in question.

This portion is significant in a few ways:

  1. It paints the entire weekend scene as overly chaotic — and overwhelming for the officers on the scene. Why, for instance, did DPD at one point dispatch a helicopter to try and locate a personal drone spotted near the protest activity? That just seems… inefficient at best, no?
  2. It very much portrays officers as paranoid throughout the four-day stretch. Consider, among other examples, the portions in which it goes out of its way to look askew at protesters who marked themselves as first-aid medics, or those who were wearing protective gear to defend against gas. And let’s not even start with the way it repeatedly derides those who threw canisters back at officers after those same canisters were launched into crowds across the city.
  3. Though presented in the report as a real-time recounting of what DPD saw go down at the protests, this portion is almost certainly filled with details added in after the fact. This is perhaps most notable in this play-by-play’s reference to what happened to Brandon Saenz, who lost an eye to a less-lethal projectile, at 5:40 p.m. on Saturday, May 30. The same is likely true of its recounting of what happened to the machete-wielding man in Victory Park that same night. Also? This draft notes that baking soda and water combine to form an anti-teargas agent — something the earlier draft didn’t seem to realize. Lastly, these notes confirm the use of teargas on the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge on Monday, June 1, which (as covered extensively before) Chief Renee Hall still couldn’t confirm four days later. So, yeah, there are lots of questions as to just how real-time these notes are.
  4. It notes an attempt on DPD’s part to institute a county-wide curfew on Monday, June 1. Thought unsuccessful, this is an interesting note not covered in the rest of the larger, 85-page document.
  5. As with the rest of the report, it’s vague in the areas where you’d want detail and detailed in the areas where no one needs them. Consider, for instance, a scuffle in which teargas was dispensed by law enforcement on Sunday night that was mentioned elsewhere in the report. It’s not brought up in this play-by-play portion.
  6. It makes it clear that Monday, June 1, was by no means the lone time over the course of the weekend in which protesters attempted to take their demonstrations to highways. It does seem to confirm, however, that the “bridge incident” was the only time in which the protesters were arrested for doing so.

Even though it’s filled with typos and indecipherable shorthand — as one might expect of real-time notes, to be fair — it’s worth a scan (if only for the fun fact that this is the part of the report that surprisingly includes the word “Nowitzki” within it).

To that end, we’ve posted this portion of the report — in full and in DPD’s own words, unedited — for your scanning pleasure below.

The George Floyd Protest After Action Report’s “Complete Timeline”

The following timeline was compiled from two sources. This includes the lists of events kept by both the Tactical Planning Unit and the Fusion Unit.

Friday, May 29, 2020: 6:00 PM to 3:30 AM

6:21 PM EOC becomes operational
6:22 PM Open Carry observed
6:25 PM Tahoe blocking view of CS
6:28 PM 100 People observed at the Plaza
6:30PM Air 1 is operational
6:30 PM Next Generation Action Network (NGAN) begins protest at 1400 S. Lamar, Jack Evans Police Headquarters
6:31PM CS2 Drone visible
6:32PM Body Rifle 2 W/Ms
6:36PM Air 1 looking for Drone
6:37PM CS2 W/M with rifle and mask
6:39PM 802 Sierra Elements are on Ch 12
6:39PM M100 Red Mini Cooper with multiple weapons in vehicle
6:40PM u544 Mini cooper parked on south side of Gilley LP# MLD345
6:44PM Mini Cooper is registered from McKinney
6:47PM U510 White SUV with a W/M driver has a gun
6:49PM 350 Protestors at site
6:52PM C141 and F152 will escort DFR
6:55PM EOS location confirmed
7:01PM Moment of Silence
7:18PM M800 People Cleared
7:26PM 860 500 Protestors
7:32PM Bellview/Lamar
7:52PM 5 Israelites headed toward convention center
7:52PM L/M is walking W/B on Bellview
8:06PM CH100 will have eyes on march
8:10Pm M800 Racers are headed this way
8:15PM No S/B Akard
8:20PM U510 5 W/M with Rifles at Dealey Plaza
8:27PM WFAA is showing SWAT Locations
8:31PM M800 Traffic is backing up
8:34PM 802 L/M at Bellview with Milk Jugs
8:39 PM Protestors begin marching towards the headquarters of the Dallas Police Association (DPA) at 1412 Griffin
8:43PM Crowd Marching
8:45PM Drone on Lamar
8;47PM Crowd Stopped at Wall St.
9:00 PM Protestors march north on Akard from the DPA
9:09PM Protestors NB Akard
9:11PM Throwing rocks at Griffith/Cadiz
9:12 PM First report of violence as rocks and bricks are thrown at officers in the intersection of Griffin and Young
9:16PM Griffin/Young
9:24Pm Surrounding Cars
9:24 PM SWAT is deployed to assist an officer trapped in a vehicle that has become surrounded and is being pelted with rocks
9:25PM Paddy Wagon Deployed
9:27 PM Assist Officer call made as officers are assaulted downtown; SWAT responds
9:35 PM Tear Gas is deployed for the first time
9:37 PM Large crowd shuts down traffic on Interstate 35 at Reunion
9:54PM SWAT deploys Air Burst
9:54 PM The order is given to deploy less-than-lethal munitions in an attempt to rescue the officer and to push back the protestors
9:55 PM First arrests made
9:55PM Paddy Wagon to Griffin
10:00PM Highway Shut Down
10:15PM 100 Motorcycles
10:17 PM Report of black male pointing a rifle at people
10:26Pm Hold Jack evens
10:32PM Field/Commerce Debris on street
10:34 PM First report of crowd placing debris in road to block emergency responders
10:34PM Protestors going EB Commerce passing Ervay
10:34PM Jack Evans moving to 1010:39 PM Officer struck in head by object thrown from crowd and injured at 2100 Commerce
10:46 PM City-wide Assist put out over radio
10:55 PM First report of property damage to business downtown at 2600 Main
11:02pm Protestors WB Elm
11:10PM Shooting reported/ comp possibly shot by rubber bullet
11:15 PM Building set on fire at 2822 Main
11:18PM Prot WB Elm at Harwood
11:21PM Prot SB St. Paul
11:55 PM First report of looting, Neiman Marcus at 1618 Main
11:56 PM Large crowd converges at Jack Evans Police Headquarters
12:03AM Prot WB Main at Field
12:10AM Suspicious activity Red Trail Blazer
12:10 AM Car set on fire at 1300 Griffin
12:20AM C740 Window broken
12:29AM Looting at 7-11 Main/Harwood
12:33AM Prot WB Main at St Paul
12:42 AM Fire set at Field and Main
12:43 AM DART Officer injured when brick thrown and struck officer in the face
12:44 AM Suspect shooting from vehicle at Field and Young
12:44AM 1500 Main (shots fired)
12:58 AM Report of crowd pointing guns at security guards at 511 N. Akard
1:02 AM Texas Department of Public Safety Troopers respond to assist
1:03 AM Protestors shooting fireworks at officers
1:06 AM Tear gas deployed by SWAT at Main and Akard to disperse riots
1:07 AM Officer Assist at Main and Field
1:17AM Gas deployed at Main/Field
1:22 AM Protestors set squad car on fire at Field and Main
1:30 AM Second squad car set on fire
1:38 AM Third squad car set on fire
1:51 AM Looters breaking into a parking lot cash box and a vehicle parked at the location
2:05 AM Officer Assist at 800 Main
2:33 AM Crowd damaging property at Dallas Farmers Market
2:42 AM Gun shots reported at Lamar and Elm
3:13 AM Operational theatre is stabilized and Third Watch elements are released

Saturday, May 30, 2020: 1:30 PM to 2:00 AM

12:30 PM Command Post is Operational
1:30 PM Approximately 750 Protestors demonstrating at City Hall with planned march
1:31PM Send 3 officers to DFR for escort
1:38PM Need POC for NorthPark
1:39PM S890 300-400 People at City Hall
1:45PM D255 N Houston w Long Gun
1:49PM Need DFR to front of City Hall for Med ent on Plaza
1:53PM M800 There is DFR on site for City Hall
1:58PM Crown Picking up/ kneeling – 500
2:00 PM Crowd begins march to Frank Crowley Court House
2:12PM North on S Field/Young St
2:13PM M800 NC Moved to WB toward protest
2:16 Lt. Allen monitor route
2:17PM NB Elm at Field
2:18PM S860 Crowd size 700-750 No long guns
2:20PM CP Turn of Filed and North on San Jacinto
2:25Pm SB St Paul at Federal
2:25PM SW Response Team move to???? Stay behind groups at a distance
2:28PM South on Bryan
2:30PM Crowd stopped at St Paul/Pacific
2:32PM Moving
2:34PM Approaching Commerce
2:35PM 1 B/M with sidearm at Main and Field coming up to Elm
2:36PM St Paul and Wood
2:37PM L102 St Paul and Young
2:38PM S890 Plaza clear
2:39 Young and Ervay
2:40 PM Crowd returns to City Hall Plaza
2:42PM B110 Cen Go toward Canton
2:43PM Tail end EB San Jacinto from Field
2:44PM Send Motors to the rear
2:45PM T331 Large group of vehicles going SB San Jac
2:46PM M800 DPS sending helicopter
2:47Pm T334 DFR 4855 N Cen- Active Shooter ???? Not in our loc
2:54PM End Federal and N. St. Paul
2:55PM At Dart Station Bryan and SB St. Paul
2:55PM M100 Several people leaving
3:00PM Tail at SB at Commerce
3:02PM at City Hall marching again
3:05PM L102 North on Akard and Commerce
3:07PM L102 North on Akard approaching Main
3:08PM WM with gas mask and rifle Akard & Young Red flower shirt EB Young from Akard
3:10PM L102 WB approaching Griffin
3:12PM L102 Stopped in middle of street at Main and Griffin
3:13PM Central get behind protestors
3:14PM Tail at S Akard and Commerce3:15Pm L102 NB Griffin
3:16PM W/M with gas mask is on plaza
3:20 PM Individual in gas mask with rifle is surrounded by protestors on City Hall Plaza
3:22PM M200 Send SW and DC to City Hall to meet S890
3:22PM CP Main and Lamar Stopped
3:30 PM Elements ordered to rescue individual on City Hall Plaza
3:40PM M800 Element coming to City Hall to assist
3:40 PM M100 Move all elements off of plaza
3:43 PM Crowd surrounds police vehicles on City Hall Plaza and begins throwing rocks, bricks,and frozen water bottles at officers and vehicles; The surrounded individual was able to flee the protestors; the officers retreated; Officers are injured by projectiles
3:43PM DPS element griffin and Jackson, surrounding truck, throwing rocks
3:50PM M800 SE response with DPS at Griffin and Jackson, Spray painted vehicle
3:53PM L102 Lead at Akard and Young
3:54PM ON way back to City Hall
3:58PM Crowd on Plaza
4:05 PM Protestors at City Hall Plaza are observed spray painting City Hall and the order is given to clear City Hall Plaza
4:06PM 2 L/M Field and Wood with rifles putting on tac gear
4:06PM Central to Filed and Wood 2 L/M with rifle and tac ger U540
4:10 PM SWAT arrives and attempts to direct crowd to disperse, crowd refuses
4:11PM SE 1500 Marilla, front of city hall large group
4:22PM Lock up Do Not aban
4:24PPM SWAT C5 Gas, Air Burst
4:24 PM First deployment of tear gas and less-than-lethal munitions for 05/30/2020
4:29PM Shead Send Paddy to Memorial and Jackson
4:35PM Moore at Akard and Young
4:33PM S802 Gas on City Hall
4:34PM S802 Use Less Lethal
4:35Pm M800 Irving Tac C5
4:36PM M800 Need Paddy wagon in front of City Hall and Young
4:38 PM Officers at Griffin and Jackson are surrounded and attacked with rocks, bricks, and frozen water bottles; SWAT is called to assist
4:39 PM Officers directed to arrest agitators
4:39PM 800 Sport 200 Racers
4:40PM S802 Need Camera to ID
4:41PM All Seven response 3rd watch response teams/IC03 DPS in riot gear
4:48Pm SE Paddy to memorial/Injuries, clearing Plaza
4:54PM DPS Response Team going to Ervay and Young
4:55PM DBD response Team
4:58PM DFR injured person Young & Ervay
5:00PM Need all Paddy wagon to Field and Young
5:09PM Gas on the horseshoe/ all response team south side of city hall
5:17PM Less Lethal to memorial and Ceremonial
5:19PM S802 Need Paddy wagon to Akard and canton/need DFR at Akard and Canton
5:26PM DPS going to horseshoe/250 vehicle 800 Sport
5:28PM Trash Truck/DPS to DFR 18/need 3 arrest teams at Field and Young Gear up/need paddywagon on backside of convention center on canton
5:31PM Need paddy wagon to Akard and canton, FEM 30
5:34Pm Send 2 trash truck to 30 and Akard
5:39PM 2 B/M wearing all black running on young from S Lamar towards City Hall
5:40PM Need Paddy wagon to young Akard/ paddy wagon to Ervay and Cadiz/ need paddy wagon at Field Marilla
5:40 PM A citizen at 400 S. Ervay, attempting to throw a gas canister back at police, is struck in the eye by a less-than-lethal munition round, losing that eye
5:41PM Rescue 97 on standby
5:45PM Dump truck at Akard/30
5:48PM Signal 19
5:51PM Need 10 wreckers on standby
5:56PM Large crowd Wood and St. Paul5:59PM S863 going to hospital with injured person/Akard and Griffin, stay NB on Akard
6:00PM Joe with Less Lethal picking up water from central
6:07PM DPS follow crowd at Main and Field
6:23 PM City-wide assist requested in response to attacks on officers, wide-spread looting, and vandalism. S Griffin and Young
6:26PM M800 Griffin and Wood ASAP throwing rocks
6;30PM SC sending more officers
6:36PM CH 100 Need fruit and water
6:38PM all call all CRT Deployment
6:40PM Rotate teams out
6:44 PM A large group of street racers reported impeding traffic and stunt driving at Wood and Griffin/Food and Drink Lot E/Vehicle at wood and Griffin doing donuts
6:45PM DFR at Wood and Griffin
6:53Pm 2 Trucks at Wood and Griffin/DSO c5
6:50 PM Protestors attempt to enter Interstate 45 but are blocked by responding officers
6:55PM S802 Hold area city hall. Keep ½ Response team at each intersection
6:57PM Moving WB Commerce
6:58PM Moving N of Wood Moving WB from Field
7:00PM Crowd at Commerce and Hardwood/APC to Commerce and Griffin
7:05PM Ervay and Akard
7:08PM Need Ofc to I45 and Commerce with Truck
7:12PM sending 2 man with food
7:28PM Nb on Field 300-400 People/Commerce and Ervay 300 Blocking Road
7:29PM 300-400 People enter Klyde Warren Park
7:29 PM Protestors create a make-shift barricade at 1500 Commerce in an attempt to slow first responders
7:31PM Commerce and Lane st 30-40 Blocking road
7:39PM Small group at Commerce and Ervay
7:40PM EB Woodall Rogers
7:41 PM A large group of protestors enters Woodall Rogers Freeway forcing motorists to stop
7:44 PM Protestors on the ramp at Woodall Rogers/Irving PD loc Eastside of City Hall
7:45 PM 12-15 Akard and Young Group
7:46 PM Traffic backup form I35 from Woodall Rodgers/ Car on fire 2 Perot Museum
7:47 PM L/M White tank top possible set vehicle on fire
7:49 PM Large group at Ervay and Elm/ Large group at Akard and Main/ W/M Blk Pant running SB on Akard
7:50 PM Perot museum tagged/ Large Main and Ervay
7:52 PM W Hotel throwing bricks
7:53 PM Allen PD sending Officers
7:56 PM The crowd on the freeway has moved to Central Expressway (Hwy 75) and blocked traffic
7:59PM Commerce & Main Rocks
8:01 PM W/M at St Paul and Commerce. White shirt/White hat, construction, blk pant carrying milk jug with chemical mixture
8:01 PM Protestors move into Victory Plaza area causing wide-spread damage and destruction
8:06 PM Another large crowd moves onto Interstate 35 at Commerce forcing traffic to stop I35 SB& NB Market shut down by protestors
8:13 PM Dallas County Sheriff Deputies shut down Interstate 35 and attempt to move protestors from the freeway
8:13 PM A vehicle is set on fire at 2021 Field DFR notified
8:18 PM Need DFR to Jackson and St. Paul
8:23 PM Need Lamar from Memorial and Ceremonial shut down
8:24PM Need response team to Central
8:30 PM OT elements deployed (10 officer, 1 Sgt)
8:31 E580 C5 to I35&reunion
8:34 PM Protestors enter Interstate 35 at Reunion and begin throwing objects at vehicles
8:37 PM CH 100 Need Paddy wagon at Commerce/ Need Ofc at Houston and reunion protestor from freeway
8:39PM Looters at Griffin and Elm donut shop
8:43 PM NB Griffin and Memorial need traffic control
8:46 Pm 1500 Elm and Akard
8:50 PM Do you want to hold Main and Ervay?? Release
8:51 PM A police vehicle is attacked with the windows broken out
8:54 PM M800 Austin and Jackson C1 Response Team
8:58 PM A1 Large group at Elm St breaking windows
9:09 PM Canton and I30 Need tow truck/Need Paddy wagon at Ervay and Elm
9:10Pm Need trash truck
9:11 PM Need DRR at Canton and Lamar
9:12 PM Block St at 1400 Main
9:15 PM A group of 15-20 protestors attack bystanders at Cedar Springs and Mckinnon
9:16 PM DFR for sick person
9:17 PM 41-31 Holding at El Phoenix @ McKinney
9:18 PM B124 on 12 Need one element to help w side of village barn
9:24 PM Elm and Main Protesters block road/ shot fired at Elm and Main/U340 20 Protestors Harry Hines and Harwood 100-person, 1 male fired gun. Damage to Rolex building / EB Cedar Spring, crescent hotel stolen golf card
9:31 PM Group going NB Routh from Mckinney
9:32 PM Robbery in progress at 700 Elm and Griffin. Made entry yelling possible gun, stealing lotto tickets/M800 NB on Bowl
9:37 PM Howel and Routh Bricks Need add element
9:43 PM Active 2614 Bol St breaking out windows? Need 20 set of flex cuff
9:47 PM NO bus or train going through downtown until 3 AM
9:48 PM DPS shutting down Main and I45
9:50 PM DFR needed at 2323 N Houston DFR C5 for stabbing/U240 at Elm and ST Paul
9:51 PM Need Paddy wagon at Elm and Commerce
9:54 PM A540 C5 to House of Blue for 27/Fort Worth PD C5
9:56 PM Allen PD has 9, picking up at Central
9:56 PM M with long gun at Harwood and ross passing San Jacinto
9:58 PM Fairmont and McKinney need paddy wagon for 27 people? Pearl and Main suspect w rifle, W/M all Blk body armor with backpack
9:59 PM 30-40 individuals begin throwing bricks and breaking windows at the American Airlines Center
10:00 PM Victory and High Market, W/M with Machete, DFR C6 person was hit with machete/Need paddy wagon at Marilla and Akard
10:11 PM Dallas Area Rapid Transit ceases all bus and train operations downtown
10:16 PM DPS arrest team C5 to Griffin and Young
10:17 PM Pacific Park, Fire, DFR
10:19 PM 531 Signal 19 Pacific and Harwood, W/F Blk Pant, W shirt
10:23 PM Large group Olive and Cedar Springs
10:26 PM 7-11 Broken into at AAC/CVS at Elm and Akard, stole drugs
10:31 PM Nowitzki and Field Shots fired W/B by Pearl
10:34 PM Vehicle possibly shooting near Field and Olive
10:35 PM 531 Susp from shooting in apt complex by Perot
10:37 PM Pacific/Griffin 3 W/M with assault rifles
10:39 PM A1 500 S Ervay 2 individuals on top of building
10:41 PM No protestors at AAC/Building has damage
10:42 PM A citizen at the intersection of Pacific and Griffin is struck in the cheek by a less-than-lethal munition round causing serious bodily injury
10:45 PM Elm and Pearl a group of 20+10:47 PM San Jacinto/Griffin breaking into 7-11
10:48 PM 100 N Harwood Signal 16, DFR (Harwood and Commerce) CNX
10:51 PM 2100 Elm and Pearl throwing fireworks
10:52 PM 300 N Pearl and Pacific run over by vehicle
10:52 PM All call to station
10:54 PM Large group at Akard and Munger/ Large group at Elm and Lamar
11:03 PM Protestors set a fire under Interstate 45 at Elm
11:03 PM Large Group at San Jacinto and Griffin
11:10 PM SB Griffin and San Jacinto shut down/Crowd at Ross and Griffin/Commerce and Woodall blocking traffic/ 840 DFR under I45 Commerce Fire/Large group at Ross and Griffin/DSO shutting down I45 and elm/compressed air at griffin and ross
11:18 PM Multiple additional fires are set in Downtown area over next two hours
11:23 PM Large group Olive and Cedar Springs
11:25 PM 2600 Trash fires
11:26 PM 2780 Elm Trash fire
11:28 PM 100 Protestors at 100 Broom/Car fire
11:25 PM Protestors begin setting trashcans on fire and throwing them at officers and squad cars
11:29 PM Elm and Crowdus need response team E. Elm large group
11:32 PM Commerce and Good Latimer Paddy wagon
11:33 PM 2700 Main large group
11:34 PM A1MLX and Indiana throwing fire
11:35 PM Commerce and Good Latimer dumpster on fire
11:38 Pm Need DFR for gas
11:39 PM Need DFR
11:40 Pm Main and Crowdus need Paddy Wagon
11:50 PM Main and Elm shut down DSO shut down/Fire at Main and Walton, DFR/Main and MLK fire/Market and Main DFR/100 S Hall DFR C5/El Phoenix fire
11:51 PM Large group at Woodall Rodgers under bridge
11:53 PM 200-300 EB Woodall at Akard. Fires at Hall and Main
11:56 PM Need cover to centennial DPS large group
11:57 PM Burglary at Modern Outfitters gun store; a large number of weapons taken (BOLO putout at 0006)
12:16 AM 531 Active Shooter/DFR assist Field and Woodall
12:10 AM 1800-1900 Cedar Springs all windows broken out/Harwood and Ross Business broken into
12:17 AM 3417 Main looting
12:20 AM Taylor and Malcolm X need wrecker and DFR
12:24 AM Ofc hit by vehicle, hurt leg, transported to Baylor
12:34 AM DFR for Commerce and Murray brush fire
12:34 AM Main and Latimer with Pipes
12:31 AM Field and Ashlin looting Tom Thumb
12:37 AM A1 another group forming at Cedar Springs and Olive Street Allen PD en route
12:40 Am 9 detained at Cantegral(?) and Floyd
12:41 AM 4 detained at NE corner of Ashland and Field
12:42 AM Smoke at Main and Hall
12:45 AM Group of 30 at 2200 N Carrol
12:49 AM Individuals on the east side of city hall plaza shining light
12:52 AM 250 N Harwood Shots fired, looting, 20 people inside
1:02 AM 2500 Pacific dumpster fire DFR C51:11 AM Commerce and Cesar Chavez damaged truck
1:12 AM DFR 2200 Caroline
1:14 AM Baylor PD need cover suspects shooting at vehicle in parking lot
1:18 AM Active Shooter Swiss and Good Latimer
1:24 AM SB Field and Broom 30-50 people
1:27 AM Field and Munger w bat (Case # 20-0971561)
1:43 AM Burglary at DFW Gun Store; a large number of weapons taken
2:00 AM Operational theatre is stabilized handed over to 531 and ….(?)

Sunday, May 31, 2020: 2:30 PM to 10:50 PM

2:30 PM Command Post Activated
2:33 PM 2380 N Field Tom Thumb Brick dropped/7-11 2802 N Fitzhugh threat to burn down
2:51 PM Team at Omni observing no activity
3:04 PM M200 Need traffic control at Houston and Young
3:16 PM M300 Need Cent React vehicle
3:17 PM M200 Have 30-40 protestors at Omni
3:20 PM 531 1800 Main Protestor with guns wht tahoe, blk tahoe
3:21 PM CH100 Work on getting response teams in place
3:26 M700 Target Eastside on Washington
3:27 PM R340 10-15 Protestor at 1700 Main
3:39 PM ALPHA 1 no games, business today
3:39 PM Orders given over radio that officers are to show zero tolerance towards acts of civil disobedience or curfew violations
3:40 PM U340 1700 Main City Courthouse large group at Omni
3:42 PM CH100 Paddy ETA
3:49 PM M200 Protest at Omni heading NB Lamar
4:02 PM A1 protestor going toward I35 50-60
4:11 PM Stack of bricks Walnut Hill, Travis and Knock
4:08 PM Houston and Jackson Paddy/ DFR Jackson and Houston/B620 2100 Main 30 People
4:11 PM C440 2100 Commerce Protestors
4:16 PM Approximately 350-500 people protesting at Jack Evans Police Headquarters
4:32 PM One in custody on Lemmon
4:33 PM CH100 Prot S on Young and S Lamar @ McDonalds, W/M Short pants w socks on hand
4:35 PM B110 Susp throwing gas back
544:38 PM Need Paddy at Omni/Protest throwing brick at trader joe on Greenville
4:47 PM C540 200 Protestor NB Harwood
4:50 PM A1 protestors at Pacific and Olive
5:53 PM protestors at Jack Evans begin to march
5:54 PM Possible Target Loc DPA, Jail, Fox 4, Victory Plaza, WBAP 820 Talk radio/B/M walking around HQ with gas canister
5:56 PM 300-400 at HQ
6:20 PM A1 Ashline and Woodall taking up roadway
6:22 PM Protestors enter Victory Plaza
6:23 PM A1 Protester South end of AAC
6:24 PM Bricks at Field and Ashland contact city work
6:29 PM Orders are given to arrest protestors if they stay in the roadways
6:31 PM Warnings are given to protestors via PA that they are to stay out of the roadways
6:31 PM 531 Sev Blk escalade at Lamar and Woodall taking stuff into parking garage
6:33 PM Protestors begin throwing objects at officers and police vehicles/crowd aggressive
Victory and Market6:36 PM Protest at Munger and Lamar
6:37 PM Protest at Corbin and Lamar/pacific and Lamar protest in roadway
6:39 A1 Protest EB Ross6:41 PM M200 Motorcycles c6 staging, videotaping
6:43 PM M701 Protest warned about curfew
6:45 PM A1 Prot SB Field in roadway
6:48 PM Prot on train track at Main and Akard, Dart notified
6:49 PM Prot on pacific
6:51 PM susp package
6:52 Pm prot passing St Paul
6:54 EOD DFR 18 Escort
7:00 PM Curfew goes into effect for first time/ EB Elm under I75 Running/S103 Griffin and Memorial Susp package, Trash
7:05 PM S103 HQ Susp Bag, Trash
7:06 PM S802 Enroute to Pacific w Multi Asset (gas)
7:07 PM SB I75 and Harwood Protest on FRWY
7:11 PM 700 Hotel 1 tazed
7:16 M100 1900 Pacific Large crowd
7:17 PM S802 Protestor cleared out St Paul and Pacific
7:18 PM Rocks thrown from Highrise/40-50 NB Griffin coming up to Ross
7:25 PM U332 Paddy at Harwood and Main
7:26 PM DFR for female hit by vehicle Perot/ D760 with DFR
7:27 PM Officers begin to make arrests for curfew violations Request for Paddy Wagon Harwood and Main/Hord and Griffin/Griffin and San Jacinto/Bryan and St Paul/1700 Patterson/Field and Ross/2200 Houston/Houston and C
7:36 PM Police helicopter reports downtown is clear of large groups
7:40 PM Protest running on Harwood/Prot running on Pacific
7:47 PM 4 susp with mask
7:48 PM Multiple request for Paddy Wagon
8:00 PM DFR requested for ankle injury
8:01 PM continued request for Paddy Wagon
8:24 PM 50 National Guard
8:28 PM 2380 Brick thrown
8:29 PM DFR
8:40 PM 4600 S MLX Little World
8:51 PM Vandals damage a DART train with chains
9:00 PM Continued request for Paddy Wagon
9:26 PM Ch 1 Racer and Speeders, Wolf /Ch 5 7400 Denton Dr racing and speeding
10:00 PM CP No more paddy wagon runs all ele go to lews
10:45 PM 76 arrested processed approx. 60 remain
10:50 PM Operational theatre is stabilized
11:02 PM Olive and Ross 3 B/M all black parking garage
11:07 PM DFR for sick person Sally port HQ DFR notified
11:24 PM CP 66

Monday, June 1, 2020: 4:00 PM to 11:30 PM

4:00 PM Command Post Activated
4:00 PM Officers assigned and reporting to post
4:29 PM M800 1800 Curfew 1900, 30 min warning at 7:30 before arrest made
4:31 PM 1300 Lamar Bricks
4:36 PM 20 protestors at City Hall
4:45 PM possible vehicle with explosives. EOS notified White Cadillac SUV Lyte at Houston Fresh stolen
4:57 PM Lamar Street is shut down to vehicular traffic by police in front of Jack Evans Police Headquarters
4:58 531 7 W/M Blk clothing 1777 Record
5:00 PM Approximately 100 protestors at Jack Evans Headquarters
5:08 PM C720 1700 Belmont Bricks CN move yet
5:39 PM 99.5 Promoting protest at Samuel grand park at 7:30 Per council person Mendelsohn (?)
5:45 PM 1 Gal jugs of unknown liquid , into perimeter
5:50 PM Leader W/F BLD, Blk mask
5:56 PM Nissan Sentra has unknown sub handing out to groups. Handing out snacks
6:00 PM 531 1 B/M with 2 L/F with gun on Corinth and Lamar/30 protestor at Lamar and Cadiz
6:04 PM B110 Akard and Cadiz, WB Silver Impala handing out unknown substance
6:05 PM Unk B/M placed a susp pack at Harwood and main in a stairwell
6:13 PM S860 Handing out Baking Powder and water- is a neutralizer. FYI baking soda and vinegar causes small explosion
6:13 PM 545 Protest headed EB Bellview and Akard
6:15 DPS A1 Protest Jackson and Lamar 100
6:18 PM DFR NB Lamar and Canton injured protestor
6:27 PM B390 Purple bag w 2 gal milk marked 1st aid kit Lamar and Bellview/ A1 prot riverfront and Commerce people with gas mask and large bag DSO C5, 250
6:34 Pm What to do Commerce and Continental @ Riverfront , Plan
6:39 PM 2 male walking w radio and headsets NB Griffin appear to be comm w each other just entered
6:42 PM 250-300 Protest at Lews
6:45 PM U130 10 protestors leaving lews for down town
6:48 PM U512 NB Riverfront W/M whit hat all blk red back back says 1st aid, googles and gasmasks
6:53 PM M800 1900 lock down Lamar
6:54 PM S861 Protestors aware for the curfew Line6:56 PM A1 W/M Blue shirt/peach T, burg/blue backpack
6:59 PM CH3 Units ordered to wait until 7:30 PM to enforce curfew
7:00 PM Most protestors have left Jack Evans Police Headquarters
7:00 PM Protest begins outside of curfew zone in front of Frank Crowley Courthouse
7:01 PM CP all intersections closed
7:01 PM Protestors remaining at Jack Evans Police Headquarters given curfew warning
7:02 PM FUS 70 prot Carlos Quintanas
7:02 PM A1 residence looking at protest
7:04 PM Curfew Warning given
7:05 PM Quintans told protest that they will not leave for curfew
7:07 PM Curfew warning given at Jack Evans. Prot stated they will not comply with order
7:11 PM M800 Effective Immediately county wide curfew signed by judge
7:14 PM M800 curfew order has been rescinded
7:16 PM DPS 101 McKinney and Laws W/M on roof
7:24 PM Jack Evans Police Headquarters is clear of protestors
7:26 PM w/m dressed in black passing out supplies at Cowboy Bail bond
7:32 PM A1 W/M all black w slingshot walking on riverfront/reunion towards Frank Crowley
9:32 PM port giving out number
7:38 PM 30 Protest at Samuel Grand park
7:48 PM W/F w sledgehammer, all black in front of buck n ruck
7:52 Pm DPS 101 No large crowd except at Lews
7:55 PM CH100 just police and media at HQ
7:55 Pm A1250-300 prot at lews but growing
8:11 PM M100 curfew arrest 3 30s/R340 B/M blk pant rolling full bag toward Lew crowd
8:13 Pm 2019 Lamar and McKinney need Paddy and wrecker
8:13 PM Jumper on Griffin and Corsicana SWAT C5
8:22 PM M200 Paddy to HQ
8:26 PM CH 100 allowing protest to go back to vehicle as long as they go toward HQ
8:33 PM Ch 100 need air support. Vehicle stopped at SB 35, Commerce and Riverfront
8:34 PM C402 WB I 30 Houston Viaduct unk person whit ford/ Kia out of vehicle walking on highway/CH100 SB 35 EB SVC Rd car parking on highway
8:37 PM A1 dps nb 35 Houston Viaduct Police taking him now
8:39 PM Large crowd Beckley and Commerce
8:39 PM Protestors at Frank Crowley Court House begin to march
8:41 PM Prot walk NB riverfront away from HQ
8:45 PM Ch1 let protest walk back to vehicle
8:47 Pm Protest allowed to go into curfew zone to get vehicle/contain prot/WB on Riverfront
8:52 PM CH100 if protest do not turn around they will be arrested
8:54PM M700 C6 singleton and Beckley
8:55 PM SB 35 Woodall shut down
8:56 CP Paddy wagon to singleton and Beckley/prot putting on masks
8:56 PM A1 need more elements to singleton and Beckley
8:57 PM Protestors enter freeway on Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
8:57 PM A1 EB of bridge/prot 100 meter from officers
8:58 PM A1 Crowd turned around
8:59 PM CH100 start arresting Orders/Stay off the Radio
9:00 PM Protestors throwing objects at police
9:01 PM Ch 100 DFR on standby/keep lane open for paddy wagon/C720 holding/S802 Mask up, deploying smoke
9:02 PM SWAT deploys smoke, tear gas, and less-than-lethal munitions
9:05 PM A1 Need more ofc on E side of bridge
9:07 PM Crowd is contained, and officers begin processing individuals for arrest. U100 Need someone with PA tell people to get on the ground
9:08 PM CP trooper C5 to bridge
9:12 PM DFR on both sides
9:15 PM CH100 need multi bus
9:17 PM CP minimize traffic on radio. Let commanders get through important info
9:21 PM M800 Short Flexi cuff on site. Only have 50 have 200 coming
9:24 PM Will wait until all placed in cuffs before loading on paddy and bus
9:25 PM Ch400 Element from patrol to transport to HQ for processing. Then return back to MHH for more calls
9:27 PM 609 Callers watching FB stating that prot getting ready to throw bottles filled w substance at officers. People dressed in black
9:48 PM CH400 We will be Field releasing all arrestee
10:00PM 531 1 Male is COVD +/Individual on Forth Worth Ave in white Tahoe headed toward bridge with rifle
10:08 PM M101 Close down NB Riverfront from Commerce
10:07 PM CH100 do not put anyone on the dart buses
10:14 PM M101 any notepads to take to the bridge
10:15 PM Jail said they can only take 100 prisoners
10:23 PM CP Need assist on WE of Bridge DPS C5
10:25 PM T320 Need element to shut down Beckley and west Main. Do U turn send back to Commerce
10:37 pm b411 additional to 200 Singleton
10:51 Pm C399 Transporting prisoner, dropping off at Frank Crowley
10:51 Pm Need DFR at Riverfront and Woodall
10:54 PM C399 Releasing 8 at 109 Commerce, Frank Crowley/DFR needed at WB lane by flagpole
11:00 PM Operational theatre is stabilized
11:13 PM Trash on bridge what to do??

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