We’re Searching For Some Fresh Faces To Join Our List Of Contributors. Is That You Or Someone You Know? Great. Here Are The Next Steps.

There was a time when we could get away with a bare-bones collection of contributors to this site and none of our readers were the wiser.

But as Dallas has grown, and this site along with it, that’s just no longer a viable option for us. There’s just too much cool shit going on around Dallas these days — and, truth is, we just lack a large enough stable of reliable contributors to cover as much of it as we’d like.

It’s time we fixed that.

We’re currently in the market for talented writers, photographers, videographers or graphic designers who think they could bring something fresh to our coverage of Dallas. These are not full-time positions; these are freelance gigs for creatives who make their nut elsewhere but still feel compelled to tell the world interesting stories about this city we call home.

If that sounds like you, awesome. Your next step is to spend some time on our site. Read some of our stories — and not just the most recent ones, either. After that, think about what we do well. Think, too, about what we don’t do well.

Then send a note to my email — pete [at] centraltrack [dot] com — with a resume, some samples of your work (published or not) and an idea about a specific story (read: not a general subject, recurring series or column) that you think you could contribute and that you think would be a good fit for us.

We’re seeking fresh ideas, both in terms of what we cover and how we cover those things. We are not looking for anyone who “just loves what we do and wants to be part of it” or someone who “will write about whatever.” We want someone who has their own ideas about what parts of Dallas demand our readers’ attention.

Basically, we want to find the next great wave of Dallas journalists and content creators. And we want them on our side.

If that’s you, then — please — reach out to us. And then? Well, good news or bad, we’ll be in touch.

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