After Dropping A Teaser Last Week, FOX Just Dropped A Full-Length Trailer For The Gifted, Its Dallas-Shot Marvel TV Series About Mutants.

Hey, remember that TV production that shut down the intersection of Canton and Good-Latimer over on the edge of Deep Ellum for a few nights a couple of weeks back?

In case you haven’t been keeping up, that whole to-do came as part of a pilot that FOX had been filming in town for a new show that is being produced in part by Marvel, and is about mutants, but isn’t quite about the X-Men. It’s called The Gifted, and Alex Macon over a D has been doing a great job keeping tabs on the will-they-won’t-they of whether FOX will end up continuing to shoot the thing in Dallas should it get green-lit, which, SPOILER ALERT, it did.

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Since that announcement, the show, which stars Stephen Moyer (Bill from True Blood!) and Jamie Chung (Jamie from The Real World: San Diego!) and a whole bunch of fresh faces, has been releasing some of its Dallas-shot footage to get people hyped up about its fall debut. Last week, FOX shared a teaser trailer for the show, and today it dropped the full-length trailer.

You can check that out below.

As Macon has pointed out in his coverage, there’s no guarantee that The Gifted will continue to shoot in Dallas beyond what it filmed for its pilot, but the above trailer definitely ain’t hiding the fact that it’s set here. Note the familiar green-outlined appearance of Bank of America Plaza just ten seconds into it!

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Does that mean it’s going to stay here? We’ll have to wait and see on that news. But, hey, considering the above trailer, the success of Marvels’ Legion on FX and the fact that this one’s being produced by Bryan Singer (The Usual Suspects), we still think the show itself looks pretty promising.

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