Check Out Nike’s New Dallas-Themed Air Max 97s.

The Shoe Giant’s Dallas-Themed Kicks, Which Come As Part Of Its Ongoing “Home And Away” Series, Are Set To Drop Exclusively Through Foot Locker On March 1.

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In December, Nike announced plans to exclusively partner with Foot Locker on a new sneaker series called “Home and Away,” in which it would pay homage to various American cities with updated designs of some its classic shoes. Following the initial three-city roll-out that saw Atlanta getting an updated take on the Air Force 1, Houston flavoring a new version of the Air Max 95 and Miami spicing up the classic Air Max Plus 97 look, Dallas has now been announced as the inspiration for the fourth shoe in this city-focused line.

Dropping on March 1 at a price point of $160, various nods to Dallas make up a new look Nike’s popular Air Max 97 shoe.

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Here’s a breakdown of how Dallas influenced this design:

  • Beyond its mostly black-and-white look (and crimson swoosh), the shoe’s colorway is bolstered with green bottoms and an accent line that cuts through the shoe’s equator. Branded as “Rage Green,” the color — if we had to guess, we really haven’t seen it explained anywhere — appears to maybe be a reference to the prominent Dallas skyline fixture Bank of America Plaza, which is of course colloquially known around these parts as “The Green Building.” Or maybe it’s somehow nodding at both the Stars and Mavericks’ own use on greens? The other elements are more easily understood.
  • On the insole, the shoe also boasts a suggested Dallas logo of sorts that centers around a winged D, which is perhaps a reference to this city’s Pegasus obsession, if not a reference to Nike’s own mythology-based name inspiration. Meanwhile, this logo is triplicated on the shoe tongue, which is surely referencing the city’s actual “Triple D” logo.
  • Near the middle of the foot, right behind the Nike swoosh, the shoe also bears a faint skyline-inspired print. Because, dammit, if there’s one thing that’s true about Dallas, it’s that we have a borderline unhealthy affection for our skyline here.
  • The heel tab includes the numbers “4697214,” which is portmanteau of Dallas’ 469, 972 and 214 phone number area codes.
  • At the top of the heel tab, you’ll also find a single star — or, yknow, a Lone Star.

Thoughtful touches? Sure. More impressive is how these elements blend into rather than overwhelm the greater design. All in all, we’d say it adds up to a fairly clean look.

What about you? Would you cop?

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