Eagles And Cowboys And Cougars, Oh My! If You Know Dallas-Area High Schools Like You Think You Do, This Pop Mascot Quiz Shouldn’t Be A Problem.

It’s back-to-school season in North Texas, which means we’re all about to see a whole lot of high school spirit being flashed around here in the Dallas area.

High school football games are about to start dominating our Friday nights.

Craft stores will soon start stocking up on ribbons and flowers for those gigantic, neck-breaking homecoming mums.

Hell, there’s probably a marching band out rehearsing its half-time routine out in its campus’ parking lot right now, as you read this.

Even if you hated your high school experience, there’s no denying that your school will forever remain a part of you. You’ll always be a lion or a panther or a Trojan or a bear.

Yes, those are all Dallas-area high school mascots — and just a few of them, frankly.

Think you know what you’re talking about when it comes to North Texas area high school mascots? Well, then: Do we have an assignment for you!

For the below quiz, we’ve compiled a list of 30 area high schools and their school colors. Your job? Simply tell us the mascot that matches with each school.

Don’t worry about failing. It’s not like your future depends on it. Just your reputation, really.

Cover photo by Alberto Rabelo.

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