From The Deviled Eggs You Know To The Deviled Eggs You Don’t, These Are The Best Options Served Up In And Around Dallas.

Maybe you think of deviled eggs as having humble beginnings as some sort of Miracle Whip-laced side dish that gets served at family barbecues and holiday picnics. Well, we’ll have you know, they have a far richer history than that. In fact, their roots date all the way back in Ancient Rome.

That’s right: Wealthy ancient Romans used to have deviled eggs served with spicy sauces to them as a precursor to their meals.

Sure, the addition of mayonnaise was an American addition. But the fact remains: People have been eating deviled eggs as appetizers for more than a millennium at this point.

And in the past few years, they’ve finally been put on the pedestal that they’ve always deserved and been given the full chef treatment. It’s almost most surprising at this point when a new restaurant doesn’t have deviled eggs on its menu.

But, alas, not all deviled eggs are created equal. So, for science, we set out in search of Dallas’ best versions. Here’s what we found.

Stampede 66The half-dozen served up in each order here are called Hell’s Eggs, and for good reason. They’re spicy hot — and delicious to boot.

Lockhart SmokehouseOne word: Brisket. Like, really, there’s brisket in the deviled eggs here. Better yet, there’s Lockhart Smokehouse brisket in these deviled eggs. Case closed.

Smoky Rose. Turns out, hot pink eggs aren’t just for Easter anymore. These beet-dyed eggs come stuffed with a rotating chef’s choice du jour. That puts things to chance a bit perhaps, but we’ve yet to taste anything less than a winner in these deviled eggs.

Street’s Fine Chicken. At this spot, chicken may come before the egg — but that doesn’t mean the eggs aren’t treats all their own. Dotted with sriracha and topped with a thin sliver of jalapeno, these deviled eggs are aptly named “Little Devils.”

Pink Magnolia. As with the Smoy Rose, the deviled eggs at chef Blythe Beck’s Pink Magnolia change depending on what Beck feels like making on a given day. Known for her comfort food, you can take comfort in the fact that Beck’s going to come up with something balls-to-the-wall tasty every time.

Savor GastropubAt this Klyde Warren Park restaurant, the devils come with demons: They arrive on a bed of sweet and savory peppers and topped with crunchy, spiced pecan brittle.

R&D Kitchen. They do classic deviled eggs at this classic Dallas spot — and they sometimes show up on your plate as a side regardless of whether you even ordered them. That’s how proud they are of their deviled eggs here.

Stock & BarrelChef Jon Stevens often changes up the menu at his Oak Cliff gastropub, but his amazing deviled eggs are always on there. They just might come in different forms — topped with smoked salmon or perhaps with guanciale instead. No matter: Whatever’s on top, it’s going to be good. 

Cedars SocialNew ownership is promising a new direction to the kitchen at Cedars Social, but here’s hoping their deviled eggs, which come topped with a pickled fresno pepper and are best enjoyed alongside a cocktail or two, stay the course.

OvereasyLeave it to a diner whose name is an actual preparation of an egg to know precisely what to do with them. Here, you can get a flight of different deviled egg varieties (pictured atop this post) — either for yourself or to share with a friend. Either way, the variety is a real treat and a cool nod to just how versatile the deviled egg really can be when treated with respect.

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