Turns Out The Dallas Inventor Of The CueCat Is More Insane Than That Notorious Device Itself.

Remember Jovan? The host of Net Talk Live (the radio show, that was a TV show, that talked about the internet) from back in the late ’90s?

Well, after creating the disastrous CueCat and almost singlehandedly bankrupting Radio Shack, this Dallas-dwelling guy changed his name to J Hutton Pulitzer, created an unintentionally hilarious and delusional backstory (warning: insane content below) and began proclaiming himself the greatest inventor since Thomas Edison.

But wait, there’s more! He also fancies himself a treasure hunter on The History Channel’s The Curse of Oak Island.

In case you’re not familiar, that’s a program where folks like Jovan plant fake artifacts then make outrageous claims about them — like how the Roman sword he found had magical magnetic properties.

It’s a hoot!

If you’re a real glutton for punishment, we’ve got even more! Definitely check out this wheels-off interview in which Jovan reveals, among other things, how Mark Cuban was indirectly responsible for his divorce, how an experience in the West End was the impetus of his name-change and what a grade A ass-aholic he is.

Act fast, though, because supplies are limited. Call in now and you can own your very own piece of Jovan’s magical Pulitzer crystals collection. Collected from “Russia to China and all points around the world,” these “quality, rare quartz crystals” are full of “Powerful Spiritual Significance” and could be yours for the low, low price of $145,000!

And that’s not all folks! The next 50 callers will also receive Jovan’s seminal literary masterpiece How to Cut Off Your Arm and Eat Your Dog: Plus, Other Recipes for Survival for just $11.95.

You should consult your physician or another health care professional before trying to convince yourself that the CueCat maybe wasn’t all that insane an idea.

Results may vary.

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