All The Sex Facts That Wouldn’t Fit.

After 16 months of buildup, it’s a bit bittersweet to think that our week-long breakdown of the results to our first-ever Great Dallas Sex Survey finally wraps up with this post.

But, all the same, we really have learned a lot in our look into the sexual habits of North Texans. Among other factoids, we now know how long most folks typically wait before engaging in different sex acts, the particulars on the ways in which men and women differ in their views on sex, where people are having sex in public, and which neighborhoods have the most singles and/or cheaters.

We’ve also learned that, by comparison, our own personal sexploits are fairly tame. Oh well!

Anyway, to finish things up today, we’re tying up loose ends and throwing some of the rest of our random findings. Will knowing that the people who either masturbate all the time or never are statistically less or more likely to cheat on their partners ultimately change the way any of us handle our business? Probably not. But, hey, it’s been a fun week all the same.

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