We Went To Dallas’ Ninth Annual Year-Ending EDM Bash Lights All Night — And While We Didn’t High-Five A Headliner, We Did See Some Cool Costumes!

This year, we went to Dallas’ massive, ninth annual, year-ending, EDM bash Lights All Night knowing exactly what we were looking for. So much so, in fact, that we decided to make a game of it!

Over the course of the two-night fest, our co-hosts Lauren Keuning and Rodney Blu embarked on a Bingo-themed scavenger hunt of this year’s festival grounds, racing to see who could spot (or participate in) the most Lights All Night tropes. (See the cards we used here.)

Did they find everything they sought? Who won? Does any of that matter when the vibes are this on-point?

Want more coverage of this most recent Light All Night bash? Head here for a slideshow from the fest, as well as a brief recap.

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