Challenge All Your Friends And Race To See Who Can Spot All Of These (Frankly) Run-Of-The-Mill Lights All Night Details First!

At some point heading into its ninth annual offering this weekend, Lights All Night began branding itself as “Texas’ longest-running EDM festival,” and there’s for sure something to be said for an event boasting such longevity.

Really, being around such a long time brings with it a number of advantages!

On the production side, it means organizers probably have at least a pretty good handle on how things will go down this weekend (December 28 and 29) as the two-night event returns to its four-year home at Dallas Market Hall for yet another run. For instance, you can rest easy knowing that they’ve got a solid grasp on how to handle entry into the building (to the point that they’ve this year added exclusive early/”pre-party” shows from Kaskade and Ekali to their offerings to encourage people to attend the event earlier in the night than they otherwise might), how to make the best use of their space (they’ve added a gaming lounge to the build-out this year and are also bringing in a number of other collaborators, including Dallas’ own Sweet Tooth Hotel, to fill the grounds with eye-grabbing art installations) and, of course, how to book an engaging lineup (along with the aforementioned Kaskade and Ekali, this year’s offering includes such bold-faced names as Diplo, Gucci Mane, Rezz and Tiesto, among many others).

On the attendance side, meanwhile, it means people who have been going to this thing for years now have a solid idea of what they can and can’t bring into the venue, and also what they can expect to see once inside. And that would be? Well, in short, they’ll find big and, frankly, very impressive event whose floor is filled with fans and characters who are every bit as interesting as the acts up on Lights All Night’s many stages.

Sure, there are bound to be a few new surprises that enter the fold every year — but there are other aspects of Lights All Night that you can, rather reassuringly, expect to see year in and year out.

To that end, we’ve created a trio of bingo cards dedicated to these familiar Lights All Night details. You and your friends can find and use these cards at your own discretion below .

Now, to be clear: What we’re not saying here is that Lights All Night needs any help in the fun department. Nine years into its operations, it’s got that down pat. We’re just saying everything’s a little more interesting when competition is involved, that’s all.

Just have fun out there this weekend — that’s our point. And, whether you’re playing our bingo game at LAN ’18 or no, please remember to hydrate. That’s always super important at events like these.

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