Looking Back On Dallas’ Ninth Annual Lights All Night.

Thanks To An Increased Focus On Visuals And Overall Fan Experiences, The 2018 Version Of Lights All Night Was A Big Step Forward For The Brand.

In its ninth annual run — and its fourth straight year at its Dallas Market Hall home — North Texas’ annual end-of-year EDM bash known as Lights All Night felt a little more mature than it has in years past.

A lot of that was due to the way that the December 28 and 29 event was built out this year to be a more immersive experience. In addition to the usual top-notch production we’ve seen from earlier versions of Lights All Night — this year, that was paired with a stellar lineup that featured acts such as Kaskade, Excision, Diplo, Gucci Mane, Rezz, Tiesto, Mr. Carmack, Oliver Tree and many others — the 2018 two-night offering really upped the ante on the art side of things.

Installations from Dallas’ own Sweet Tooth Hotel and others gave the attendees of this year’s event plenty to take in and explore when moving from stage to stage or just while taking a break from the loud-as-hell music being shared by the performers. It also just looked amazing — a real treat, considering how much effort the attendees of this event put into their own looks while gearing up to head its way.

In that regard, it felt like Lights All Night really started to take its entire experience more seriously in 2018. It’s something we hope — and, frankly, expect — to see once again next year when Lights All Night celebrates a decade of being Dallas’ most over-the-top year-end party.

We’ll be awaiting the festival’s return next year with bated breath — while most likely reminiscing over the ninth edition by perusing the above slideshow. Which, hey, you can do that, too!

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