A Couple Of Philadelphia Eagles Fans Are Trying To Make A Documentary Called Dallas Sucks.

People in Philadelphia really hate the Dallas Cowboys, turns out! So much so that a couple of dudes from Philly, including a guy who worked as a photographer on Breaking Bad, have gone and named a documentary they’re working on — a film ostensibly about the crazy fans of the Philadelphia Eagles, but really about their Cowboys inferiority complex — Dallas Sucks.

Note that we say “working on” and not “finished” because they’re not done, and they’re asking for some financial support via a Kickstarter campaign so they can finish the thing. At the time of this writing, the filmmakers have raised just over $15,000 of their desired $100K to complete their work. That they’re not done yet is fitting, since the Eagles have never yet successfully completed a Super Bowl campaign either, with their closest effort being a three-point loss to the New England Patriots in 2005.

Anyway, you can check out the filmmakers’ plea for funding, which includes a trailer of what they’ve got so far, below.

Cute — well, pretty ugly, really, but charming in the same way that Charlie Brown is, I suppose.

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