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Blow Up.

If you want to earn a world record at an Olympic sport, not only are you going to have to train really hard these next four to eight years or so, you may just have to poop your pants at some point. It worked for a certain Olympic speed walker this week, anyway.

On the other hand, here are a few things you can occupy your time with tonight that don’t involve soiling yourself. — Cory Graves

Explosions in the Sky at The Bomb Factory
The guys responsible for the Friday Night Lights soundtrack are an evocative post-rock quartet with grandiose musical sensibilities. I strongly encourage you to show up early for the insanely awesome post-punk outfit, Preoccupations, too. The band, while ridiculously expressive and critically adulated, experienced a bit of controversy back in 2015 when its initial band name was derived from the Viet Cong regime. — Calvin Cashen

Denton Music Town Hall at Patterson-Appleton Arts Center
First Hailey’s, then Gloves and the J&J’s basement. What’s happening to all the Denton venues? Where are all the all-ages shows supposed to happen? Let’s discuss… — CG

North Texas Fair and Rodeo at North Texas Fair Grounds
There may not be any fried Jell-O, but an invitational rodeo and concerts by Sonny Burgess, Jolie Holiday and Brian Houser are the main draws for this day of the 88th annual North Texas State Fair . — CG

Outward Bound Mixtape Sessions at RBC
The most interesting/out there weekly in town continues with sets from Gay Cum Daddies, Austin Goodburn, Karl Roehling/Garret Wingfield/Caleb Veazy and Habu Habu. A diverse lot, indeed. — CG

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